“Guardian Girl”, Book 1 of “The Chronicles of Staffordshire”

Guardian Girl Cover Emily Salazar Option 1 Color Cuffs w Script

August 28, 1980.  It’s move-in day at Manhattan’s elite, women-only, Paulson College.  Nervous freshmen are settling in and meeting their new roommates for the first time.  Will she be a bookworm or a party girl?  A slob or a neat freak?  Will I like her?  Will she like me?

American tennis star Lena Sardi doesn’t care what her roommate is like as long as she’s normal.  Lena’s life has been practice, study, practice, play for as long as she can remember.  Lena just wants to have a little fun for a change!  She wants to kick back, meet a nice, no-drama roommate, and build a solid legal career to fall back on when her always-suspect forehand finally gives out.

Inside 1426 Stilson Hall, Spanish supermodel Lenore De La Fuente has moved in and rearranged the furniture.  Her bed is made.  Her desk is clutter-free. Her designer-made clothes are hung neatly in her closet.  She awaits the arrival of her mysterious new roommate, sitting quietly at her desk and dreaming of having just one girlfriend she can confide in, a girl she can share her hopes and secrets with and maybe even have a little fun with for a change.

The tantrum-throwing tennis pro and the OCD runway cat – with their paparazzi-magnet lives and all their tragic little secrets – will soon be knit for eternity.

And just up the Hudson…

The Prince of Madison Avenue is receiving a burdensome bequest.  He is the sole heir to his family’s fortune and he must take possession of the sprawling estate known as “Staffordshire.”  But deep within Staffordshire’s underbelly a nasty legacy lurks in the shadows.  His hands are tied.  For the man driven by idyllic dreams of love, dark family obligations will interfere.  The Prince must one day find and wed a woman with a predilection for the sublime joys of “discipline.”

Love is optional.

One day Paulson’s Princesses and Staffordshire’s Prince will collide.  Staffordshire will be reborn.  Love will bloom.  Discipline will endure.

Sorry, Lena.  Your dreams of “normal” are about to take a very muddy detour…

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is a love story.  It is a wonderful, weird, wicked love story about two college roommates, the men they fall in love with, and the offspring who live under the fallout of all their parents’ depraved choices and nasty family secrets.  It is romantic, and erotic, and full of emotion, at times funny, at times heart breaking, and at times graphically steamy.

Book 1, “Guardian Girl,” chronicles the college days of the Paulson Princesses and their handsome Prince, following them as the girls become kick-ass attorneys and their boy wrestles with his storybook ideas about love.

Book 2, “Wild, Wild Wives,” follows the love story of the new King and Queen of Staffordshire and the Queen’s anointing as the Mistress of the estate.  It dares to ask the question, “Is it really possible to swing and whip and still be a good mommy or daddy?”

Book 3, “Loaner Lovers” digs deep, following the lives of Staffordshire’s servants and royalty as they grapple with tragic passings at the estate.

Book 4, “Drop Dead Daughters” follows the next generation of Paulson Princesses and a wicked stepdaughter’s struggle to wrest control of Staffordshire from her loving stepmother.

Four full-length novels.  More than thirty years of love stories culminating in a dungeon-bound battle royal between the generations.

These are “The Chronicles of Staffordshire.”

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is intended for mature readers only.  This trilogy contains coarse language and frequent depictions of human sexuality including BDSM, m/f, f/f, and group liaisons.

Cover art courtesy Emily Salazar at www.emilysalazar.com.  OR, catch her @Blueyedrican on Twitter.

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