“Guardian Girl,” Book 1 of “The Chronicles of Staffordshire”

Guardian Girl

Put on your favorite jammies.

Snuggle up and get cozy for a good read.

N.C. Simmons has a rich trilogy for you.  An adult trilogy.

These, are “The Chronicles of Staffordshire,” three full-length novels spiced with life, and love, and liaisons.  It is a love story about two fated college roommates, their handsome, adoring Princes, and the tragic fallout of too many secrets held too close to the heart.

“Guardian Girl,” introduces us to our beautiful, overachieving Princesses.  The tennis pro and the supermodel are fated roommates at Manhattan’s elite, all-women, Paulson College.  These brilliant, independently-wealthy girls plan to become attorneys.  But much more than studying takes place inside 1426 Stilson Hall and love will bind them for life.

Loaner Lovers Cover Emily Salazar Option 2 Nude with Script

Drop Dead Daughters Cover Emily Salazar Option 7 Jeans Front

One day, by the hand of fate, the Paulson Princesses will meet the Prince of Madison Avenue, heir to an immense fortune and the magical kingdom of Staffordshire.  It is an estate riddled with secrets and hidden chambers and a legacy the Prince would rather deny.  A  complicated menage a trois will bloom between the Prince and his two Princesses.  A new King and Queen of Staffordshire will one day be crowned.

A depraved family legacy will live on.

And one of the Paulson Princesses will get stuck with tending her sister’s sanity.

In “Loaner Lovers,” a Mistress is crowned to discipline Staffordshire’s glutenous appetites for indiscreet pleasures.  Soon, the next generation of Paulson Sisters will be born at the estate and life at Staffordshire will never be the same.  Juggling the estate’s secret proclivities will become a little more complicated with toddlers and teens roaming the halls.  The Mistress will become a mother and will struggle to find balance.

As tragedy befall the estate, an evil curse will bedevil the daughter of the King.  Her innocent heart will be poisoned by a well-intended lie, leaving her destined to rain heartbreak upon the entire kingdom.

In “Drop Dead Daughters,” the young Princesses of Staffordshire head off to their mothers’ alma mater.  The Paulson Sisterhood will live one.  The stage will be set for a battle royal between the good Queen of Staffordshire and her evil stepdaughter, the young Princess.  The dungeon of Staffordshire will get quite a workout as two generations of the Family St. Cloud wrestle for control over the castle.

Will the evil curse ever be broken?  Or will a daughter’s thirst for revenge spiral out of control and destroy the people who love her most?

You’ll just need to read it for yourself to find out!

Three saucy decades.

Three FULL LENGTH novels.

Flash back to the not-so-innocent ’80s in, “Guardian Girl.”  Available now on Kindle, Nook, and via Smashwords.com.

Romp through the naughty ’90s and be present for the birth of the next generation of the Paulson College Sisterhood in, “Loaner Lovers.”

Enjoy a dungeon-side seat as two generations of the Paulson College Sisterhood fight for control of Staffordshire in, “Drop Dead Daughters.”

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is intended for mature readers.  It contains coarse language and frequent, graphic depictions of sexuality including m/f, f/f, group liaisons, and BDSM.  All sexual encounters portray adults 18-and-older.

Cover art courtesy Emily Salazar at www.emilysalazar.com.  OR, catch Emily @Blueyedrican on Twitter.

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