“The Heavy Bag” | Erotic Short Story | (G/G)

Girls are Different

I’ll never forget tonight.  Every, “Oh my God, what the hell am I doing?” moment is looping in my mind and it’s making me wetter by the second.

I was so nervous I wanted to throw up.  I was about to do something so totally out of character, I just knew I was going to get caught.  I knew my husband was going to come home early and catch me doing something so wicked, so dirty…

CroppedGirlHeavyBagI knew my marriage would be over.

But I couldn’t stop myself!  I got seduced and I couldn’t stop myself!

I’ve never told my husband this, or my girlfriends this or…  Or…  Or anyone.

I really like girls.

I really love my husband.  And I really love the way it feels when he fills me and I feel like we’re one body all mingled together.

But you know that feeling when you see a really sexy woman and you can’t stop thinking about her and it turns into this fantasy where you imagine the two of you showering after working out at the gym and then one thing leads to another and the next thing you know you’re sitting in the bathroom at work masturbating about a fantasy that you pray never, ever comes true?

Yeah.  I have a real problem.

As I grew up, “they” told me that girls aren’t supposed to like other girls like that.  But I’ve been this way my entire life.  Girls just feel..  Different.  I’m not ashamed of it.

My husband is a man’s man, and when he makes love to me I feel like I’m the most loved woman in the world.  And the way he makes me shake, I know we’re sharing a soul.

But a girl…

Girls are just different.  We can get really, really soft or we can get really, really nasty.  And depending on the hormone mix at any given moment, when two girls get together, the Richter scale can get a workout.

The New Girl

When I started my new job at your office, Jackie, and you were so sweet to me, and you’re so funny, and so insanely sexy and…  And…   Oh God, your piercing blue eyes…

I knew I was in trouble.  Real trouble.

At first I tried to avoid you.  I really did!  I didn’t want you to think I was stalking you or anything.  Then, I started making up excuses to walk by your office, just to take a peek.  One day, I was walking by and you were bending over to pick up some folders and your skirt rode up and I saw your ass.  You had on a thong, and a garter belt, and stockings…  And the straps curved over your big, beautiful ass and…

I had to run away!   I got so wet I couldn’t control myself!  I ran off to the bathroom and I masturbated, fantasizing about you the whole time.

I’m so ashamed!  I shouldn’t be doing this!  I love my husband, but…  But I just want…  With you, Jackie, I just want…

God damn it!  I just want to fuck you!  Just a furious, sweaty, blackout fuck with a woman who’s so beautiful she takes away my breath away every time I see her!

I was doing such a horrible job of hiding my attraction.  I knew you could tell I was nervous around you.  Every time we’d bump into each other I’d get tongue tied and couldn’t look you in the eye.  So I just kept avoiding you because I didn’t want to seem like a total freak.

I don’t know why I did it, Jackie.  It was so insane, and so risky, but…  I had to ask you to come over and use my heavy bag.  I mean…  You looked like you were a gym whore and you looked like you could be into kickboxing, so, it just felt safe, you know?  Like…  Like we could just get to know each other while beating the shit out of the heavy bag.

I never imagined in a thousand years that you would say YES!  And when you did, you were so sweet, like it was the greatest invitation anyone had every given you.

“Yeah!  I’d like to try that out,” you said.  “When’s a good time?”

“Well…  My husband has a township meeting tonight…  You want to come over tonight?”

“Sure!  I don’t have anything on the schedule.  What time?”

“Uhhh…  Well…  I was…  I was going to have a Greek salad for dinner.  Would you like to come over and I could make some for you?  Like 6:30?”

“Okay.  That sounds cool.  Just let me swing by my place to grab my gym stuff and I’ll be over.”

I spent the rest of the afternoon freaking out!  I was so nervous, I could feel my heart pounding in my ears.  What if you weren’t like me?  What if you were just being sweet, like you always are?  What if I got stupid and did something or said something that made you feel really uncomfortable.  I wanted to run back to your office and bail out!  I felt like I was going to drop dead on the spot, but I kept going anyway.

The Home Run

I left the office early and got home before my husband left.  I changed fast and taped up, just to be sure I’d be ready if you got there early.  I was in the kitchen making the salad when he stopped by on his way out the door.  Since I took up kick boxing he’s used to seeing me wear my workout clothes around the house.  Sports bra.  Tight, tiny compression shorts.  I already had my feet and ankles taped up.  He knew I was going to go down and take out some of my frustrations on “Mr. Heavy.”

“You going to go beat up the bag, babe?”

“Yeah…  I have a friend…  A friend from the office…   Coming over for dinner.   Then we’re going to go beat up on the bag.”

“That’s good.  Well…  You two have fun.  If this meeting’s anything like the last one, it could go all night.  They’re killing us about the strip mall property.”

“Okay, babe.  Well…  I should be fine.  She should be here any minute.”

He looked at me curiously, as if he knew there was something I wasn’t telling him about “my friend from the office.”  My hands started shaking.

“Hey…  Babe…  You want me to stick around to meet her?  Is she safe?”

“NO!  No.  I’ll be good.  She’s a total sweetheart.  We’ll be fine.”

“Okay…  Well…  Call me if you need me, babe.”

He gave me a kiss on the cheek and headed out the garage door.

The second he left, I raced around the house, cleaning up, picking up every loose piece of paper, dumping all the dishes into the dishwasher.  I ran down into the basement and arranged the mats so we could do some warmups and stretching before we went after Mr. Heavy.  Then I got a crazy idea.  I raced up to the bedroom and made sure it was clean and perfect.  I put out a few candles.  Just in case.  I thought about something I had to have in the basement.  Just in case.  I tossed it into a Ziploc bag and raced down to stash it in the basement.

I got back upstairs just as you arrived.

Venus Descends

Oh my God, Jackie!  When you walked in, you were still in your work clothes.  Short skirt, tight top, still in your heels and stockings.  I started freaking out the second I saw you.  My mouth got dry.  I felt my eyes bugging out of my head.  I heard my heart in my ears.

“Oh fuck!” I thought.  “This was a bad idea!  BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD!  What are you thinking?  She’s here to kick the bag!  She’s not here to…  To… 

“OH!  You’re such a fucking idiot!”

I don’t know if you caught me trembling the whole time I served you dinner.  I almost dropped the salad bowl, my hands were shaking so much.  We chit-chatted over the salad and had some laughs about the stupid stuff our husbands do that we just put up with because it makes them that much more sexy to us.  The bottle of wine helped to take the edge off my nerves.

We went through way more wine than I thought we would.  I started feeling a little more relaxed.  Too relaxed.  I kept touching your arm every time I laughed, like a total flirt!  You didn’t respond, but you didn’t jerk away either.

Then we went down to the basement and the bag.  I offered you a place to change, but you said you didn’t need it.  You said…

“Hey!  We’re both girls.  I’ll just change right here.”

Right there, in the middle of my workout room, in my house, where my beautiful, monogamous husband and I raised our three kids, you got naked.  I couldn’t tell if it was me, or the wine, or you, but it felt like you were doing a striptease for me.  Everything you did was so slow,  so seductive.  When you took off your bra, it felt like you deliberately turned your ass to face me and let your tits hang for my eyes.  I could see you in the mirrors on the wall.  You caught me peeking, but you kept right on changing.

Then you stopped.  You stood up with your back to me and you started stretching.  Oh God, Jackie… Your tits are so big…  They hang so wide on your chest….  From the back, I just wanted to run up behind you and start massaging your tits right there.  My pussy started tingling, and itching, and aching.

Then, you started dressing.  And you took your time again.   You took my breath away when you went to put on your shorts.  You picked up a thong from your gym bag, took  one look at it, and tossed it back in the bag.   When you slipped your sports bra over those beautiful tits…  I shivered.  I was hypnotized.

“Hey, Andi…  You want to rape me?”

“HUH?!  DO WHAT?!”

“My feet, Andi.  They need wrapping.  You want to wrap me up?”

“Uhhh…  Sure!  Yeah!  Just…  Uhhh..  Have a seat right here.”

Oh God, Jackie.  Your feet…  I couldn’t help myself.  I didn’t just wrap your feet and ankles.  I caressed them.  I prayed and prayed and prayed that you wouldn’t see how turned on I was getting.  I couldn’t stop myself!  I just rubbed them a little, pretending like that it was how I always warmed up feet before putting on tape.  You sighed, just a little, sounding like you were just appreciating a little pamper time.

I stopped, I stood, and I stepped back.  You looked at me like I’d grown a second head.

“What?  What’s wrong, Jackie?”

“Hands?  Wrists?  Don’t you do everything when you do the bag?”

“OH SHIT!  Yeah!  Oh…  I’m so sorry!  Yeah…”

As I taped your wrists and hands I felt like I was serving a queen.  I took my time.  I hoped you wouldn’t realize I was fondling your hand and wrist.  I prayed you wouldn’t see the damp spot I knew had to be growing in my crotch.

We spent some time stretching.  I couldn’t take my eyes off your camel toe and your ass and your tits and your legs as they flexed.  I know you caught me peeking again, but you were cool.

Then we beat the shit out of the bag.  There was so much sexual tension in the room, we pounded it like it was the ex boyfriend.  And we laughed a LOT!  We sounded like we’d been girlfriends for years.

Caught Looking

A half hour later, we were soaked with sweat and my cunt was sopping.  I was so sweaty, though, that it didn’t show.  But I smelled it.  And I prayed you didn’t.  I had put on a little extra perfume before you got to the house just in case.

I couldn’t stop looking at you.  I kept looking at your ass in the mirror.  I kept looking at your tits bouncing every time you hit the bag.  We were so close, every strike coming inches from my face and hands.  Every time you lifted your leg and took a kick I got to look at your pussy.

Then you caught me!  I didn’t realize I’d been staring into your eyes.  You stopped kicking.  I kept staring.  I licked my lips without thinking about it.

Suddenly, your cheeks turned bright red and you scowled at me.

“What the fuck?  Are you staring into my eyes?  Are you like…  Are you looking at me like some kind of a…  A lesbian?  Are you some kind of a fucking lesbian and you just asked me over here so you could stare at me while I worked the bag?  Are you some kind of a sicko or something?”

“NO!  NO!  I’m just…  I was just…”

You reached out and grabbed a fistful of hair!  You jerked my head forward and got in my face, seething with anger!

“That’s what’s going on here isn’t it?  You just invited me over so you could stare at my tits and my ass and look at my eyes like a fucking lesbian!  That’s what you did, didn’t you?  You’ve probably been stalking me since you first laid eyes on me, haven’t you?”  You grabbed my head with both hands and shook it.  “HAVEN’T YOU?  YOU’VE BEEN FUCKING STALKING ME!  HAVEN’T YOU?”

“No, Jackie…  No…  I…  I just…  No…”

You pulled my face even closer.  I could feel your angry breaths washing over my cheeks.  Your lips were inches from mine.  Your eyes were so piercing, so blue…  So fucking hot.  I couldn’t speak.  I couldn’t get my thoughts together.  I was so afraid of you!

“You don’t have an answer, do you?  You got me over here, you got me fucking drunk, you got me fucking sweaty, and now you’re looking at me like you want to do me!  You’re looking at me like you want to go down on me like a fucking dyke!  Admit it!  You’re imagining it right now!  You want to take off my shorts and go down on me with your tongue, like a fucking dyke!  Admit it!”

You grabbed both sides of my head and you made me nod!  I didn’t want to nod!  I wanted to run away, I was so humiliated.  I’d blown it!  I got you so furious!

“You want to kiss me, don’t you fucking bitch?  ADMIT IT!  Say, ‘I want to kiss your beautiful mouth, Jackie!’  Say it!”

“Jackie…  I…  I want…”

“C”mon, bitch…  It’s called wooords.  Just say it.   Say…  ‘I want to…’”

“I want to…”

“That’s right…  ‘Kiss your fucking…’”

“Kiss your fucking…”

“Beautiful mouth…”

“Beautiful mouth…”

You shoved me back and slapped my face.  “There!  That wasn’t so hard, was it?  Fucking lesbian…”

You stared at me, scowling, I didn’t know what was going to happen next.  I was shaking visibly, my hands trembling at my sides.  I’d made such a mess!  I never should have done it!   I should have just left you alone and never asked you over!  I wanted to get on my hands and knees and beg for mercy.

“Then do it, bitch!” you demanded.

I was lost.  “Do…  Do What?”

“DO IT!  You want to take a run at me?  TRY!”

“I don’t…  I don’t understand…”

You waved your hands up and down your body.  “You want a fucking piece of this, then you just come over and try!”

“But I…  I don’t want to…”

You had enough.  You came over to me, grabbed me by the shoulders, and slammed me back into the wall.  “You don’t have a fucking clue, do you?  You’re not a REAL lesbian!  You’re just some fucking wannabe pretend lesbian!  This is how you seduce a girl!”

Before I could say a word you were kissing me!  You had such a tight grip on my head I couldn’t move and you were kissing me so hard I couldn’t breathe.  Oh God, Jackie!  You were shoving your tongue into my mouth so hard I lost my mind!  I started to tense, feeling like every muscle in my body was lighting up with electricity.  You lit a fuse in me, Jackie.  You kept kissing, and kissing, and it took me time before I realized what was happening.

You wanted me!  You needed a hot, sweaty fuck and I was your fuck doll!  You wanted ME to make you come!

I grabbed you back and we locked in an embrace against the wall.  I’m so much taller than you so I lifted you up by the ass.  You wrapped your legs around my waist and I got you face-level with me.  We made out like the world could end any second!  I shoved my hands down your shorts and I started groping that big, sensuous, squat-powered ass.  I slipped my fingers into your crack and I started hunting.  I wanted your pussy!

I carried you away with me from the wall, knelt, and body slammed you to the mat under the heavy bag.  I yanked your sports bra up and dove in, licking and sucking your perfect, goddess tits.  I loved hearing you moan and watching your back arch as I hit the right spots.  I kept looking up into those mesmerizing eyes.  I couldn’t break free.  I kept feeling myself falling, falling, falling into you.  I knew it was only a matter of time before I felt your kiss on my pussy.

I took a break from kissing your tits to take off your shorts.  Ohhh YES!  Smooth, shaved pussy!   I went back to sucking your nipples and I started fingering your pussy.  I was going to treat you like a guest and a queen, making you come at least once before I got mine.  I massaged and probed and fingered and you were soaking wet before I’d even taken your shorts off.

“Fuck me, Andrea!  Fuck me, baby!  Put your fingers in me.  Fuck me, Andrea…”

As you wish!  First, I put in one finger, but that wasn’t good enough for you.

“FUCK, Andrea!  TWO!  I wanna stretch, baby!  Go deep!”

“As you wish, my queen,” I said.  And I gave you what you wished.  I stretched you and I stretched you and I took it way beyond.  When it felt like you were ready, I put THREE fingers in your cunt and I pumped in a fury.  You’re body was rocking and you were writhing all over the mat.  Our sweat was mingling and the floor was drenched.  You reached up, grabbed my head, and yanked me into a furious kiss.  I was fucking your pussy and frenching you and I was losing my mind.

I kept swirling your clit with my thumb and pumping with my fingers.  I went on a hunt for your G-Spot, but I wasn’t having any luck.  It didn’t matter.  You were so ready to come…   You’d been thinking about me ALL FUCKING DAY…  You shook hard!


Without missing a beat, even while you were coming, you rolled over and tossed me to the mat.  Your body was still shaking, but you’re such a fucking super-slut you didn’t wait to get busy.  You lifted away my bra and you yanked off my shorts and you gave me the finger-fuck of a lifetime.  My labia were full and I was ready to be fucked HOURS before you came through my door!  You sucked my tits and licked my nipples stiff.  I’m just a B cup, but my nipples are super-sensitive.  Sometimes I can get close to coming just by having someone suck my nipples.  And you were making me sweat even more as you sucked them!

You were hunting for my G-Spot, too, and you FOUND IT!


You gave me my first orgasm of the night.  A nice one, too.  My body shook, my toes curled, and I got the giggles.  Then you got the giggles.  And between the two of us we realized just how insane and how amazing and how hot that fuck was!  We were panting so hard and laughing so hard we were jiggling on each other.

We stopped just long enough to look into each other’s eyes and read each other’s minds.

“You got a double-header down here?” you asked.

“I thought you’d never ask!”  I replied.

I’d been praying and praying and praying you were this kind of girl!  I reached into my basement toy box, pulled out the Ziploc bag, and brought my girl pleaser out for your view.

“Ohhh,” you marveled.  “You like ‘em big?”

“Yes, dearie…  I like ‘em REALLY big!”

We quickly stripped out of our bras and we were ready to get fucking.  You got on your hands and knees and I got on my hands and knees and we backed up into each other, bumping our asses together.  I spit lubed the dildo on my end, reached around, let you spit lube your end, and we separated.  You grabbed your end.  I grabbed my end.  We stuffed our boxes.  That dildo really stretched us out!  For a few seconds, we just sat there, huffing and puffing, getting used to the size.  But then we got busy.  In and out.  Bump and bump.  In and out.  Bump and bump.  I grabbed the middle just to hold it between us and we fucked each other, banging our asses together as we banged our pussies.

We must have fucked like that for ten minutes.  We got close…  Sooo close…  But we needed a little more.  So we flipped over and we got in a scissors position.  We set the dildo aside and just mashed our muffs old school.  Your clit was up against my clit and we started grinding.  OH MY GOD!  You rolled your hips like a pro and it just ground my pussy down!  That was exactly what we needed!  We mashed, and mashed, and mashed and both of us started moaning and jerking.

I knew it was coming.  You knew it was coming, and we got wilder and harder and pounded our pussies.  I felt your legs twitching.  I couldn’t control the spasm racing across my spine.  My back arched and all I wanted to do was melt straight into your pussy!

“OHHH fuck, Jackie!  Fuck!  I feel it coming, baby!  I’m going to come!  It’s coming…”

“Uh huh, keep going, Andi…  Keep going…  I’m there…  I’m there…  YES!  UH HUH!  YES!   GO!  GO ANDI!  GO!”



We climaxed on top of each other, twitching and thrashing until our bodies had their fill.

We collapsed, falling to the mat, heaving and quaking and groaning and laughing.  Your hair was a sweaty, soaked mess.  My hair was a sweaty, soaked mess.  We glistened like we’d just walked through the Amazon rain forest.  Together, we sounded like we’d just run the Boston Marathon of fucking, panting for air.

“Shit, Jackie…  Holy shit…  Oh my God…  You’re amazing…”

“You’re not bad yourself, Andi.  Sorry I had to get rough with you, but…  I know you’ve been pussy footing around me for weeks.  I just had to light you up!”

“OHHH…   You really lit me up, baby.  And more.  And now…”  I struggled up, kneeling, putting out my hand.  “It’s time for me to take you upstairs to my bedroom and light you up even more.  I have more toys up there and nobody to play with.”

I pulled you to your feet and you fell into my arms.  We put arms around each other’s waists, and headed for the stairs.

“How long till your husband gets home?”  you asked.

“Ohhh…   We’re safe.  Should be a six orgasm meeting, at least…”

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