SRO (Erotic Prose)

You fear me, my love.

You should.

I do not know who I will be from one day to the next.

I have become unpredictable, and headstrong, and risky.

Will you come home to a kitten, soft, and playful, curling around your ankles?

Or to the lioness, salivating, leering, claws at the ready?

Today I am anything but a kitten.

I hungered for you from the moment I awoke.

I couldn’t sleep last night.

I laid awake for hours, fantasizing about something new to try.

New for us, but as ageless as sex.

All day long, I was wet and aroused and hungry and dreaming,

I would spring my trap later.

In the hallway.

At home.

My outfit was my bait.

Too short, too tight, too revealing,

Far too risque to be seen in public.

I had my hair up and clipped, craving your kisses to the nape of my neck.

I had my heels on, making myself taller, just the right height.

I had on the perfume you love, rousing your attention.

As you walked by in the hall, an animal slammed you against the wall and tore into your flesh,

Mauling your mouth and consuming your soul.

The animal pawed, and clawed, and purred, and growled,

Preparing your body to be taken and taken with violence.

It was my honor, my love, to warm you up in proper fashion.

It was my joy, my love, to feel you warm me up in return.

Because this is all so new to you, I must lead you.

This maelstrom of sex that possesses me is unfamiliar to my loving husband.

This is not predictable, a trip to our marriage bed for missionary and little more.

“We’re not leaving the hallway until I get fucked,” I purr.

I turn, I assume the position, and I wait, palms pressed to the wall, legs spread.

You lift away my skirt to find that I have left my panties in the drawer.

Your mouth warms me up.

Your tongue opens up a flood.

I feel myself preparing, blood rushing to fill my lips.

I am wet and thick and clenching.

I feel you…  Pressing in…  Preparing to fill me…  And then…

Ohhh…  The sensation of your body and my body blending as one.

It felt like our first time, full of heat and abandon.

The animal got her wish, mounted by her mate,

The way all wild females are possessed and subdued.

And for the first time in our marriage, we went SRO.

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