Finally! The Hubby Seal of Approval!

Approved_ScaledEvery day at Casa de Simmons is a new opportunity for intimate exploration, orgasmic exhilaration, and spousal satisfaction.

For the past three years I wrote “The Chronicles of Staffordshire” in virtual isolation.  My family knew it was happening, but they never asked how it was going or what it was about.  Good thing, too, for the subject matter was too racy for any of my kids when I started writing.

About two months ago I introduced my husband to the first book, “Guardian Girl.”  His jaw hit the table.  Female bi-sexuality?  Partner swapping?  Bondage?  Oh my!

Then I introduced him to the second book, “Loaner Lovers.”  His eyes bugged out.  Mistresses?  MORE swapping?  A mystical near-death encounter with God?  Good grief!

Then I introduced him to the third book, “Drop Dead Daughters.”  That shocked him even more because the “daughters” in the story are about the same age as our own college co-eds.  An all-out dungeon orgy in the first chapter?!  An extended lesbian seduction scene?  A dungeon battle royal between a Mistress and her locked-up sub?  Hemena, hemena, hemena…!

Hubby knew I was a wild woman at heart.  He did not know just how much of a wild woman.

For nearly 22 years of marriage, I never once asked hubby to get wild with me.  My fantasies were exploding as I wrote, but I always protected hubby from the fallout.  I would quietly disappear and masturbate sometimes, just to get the tension out of my system.  Never once did I ask hubby to get involved.

That all changed a week and a half ago…

A  couple of weeks ago, as I was dying for cover art, I stumbled on a website of a young swinger.  My BRAIN EXPLODED.  Then my libido exploded.  Then my sex life with hubby exploded.  Her photos were so erotic, her writings so sexual, I immediately fell into fantasies of sex with hubby (and…  well…  with her, to be candid) and could not stop masturbating.  I was sneaking away to masturbate at home, at work…  O, O, O!  (Hubby had to know something was going on.  He gave me Mr. Hitachi as a birthday present a couple of years ago.)

We’re not swingers.  We never will be.  But this woman’s blog got me so hot I just kept coming after hubby and coming after hubby and pushing him to try wilder and wilder stuff.

Last weekend, as he popped into my office and found me masturbating, it swiveled his head.  When he popped into the bedroom as I experienced the first squirting of my 48-year-old life his mind melted down.

And now…  We’ve gone to a whole ‘nuther level of wild.

This week, it was “Friday night Fisting.”

That’s right.  Hubby was really inside me Friday night.  The orgasm he gave me was SO INTENSE I passed out after he pulled out.  I squirted all over hubby this time.

(I’ll post that story sometime this week.)

Finally…  FINALLY…  Hubby got it.  He finally understood my quest for greater understanding of my body and the limits of my sexuality.  It’s not just about seeing how hard I can rock my body.  That’s fun, but that’s not all that I want out of sex.

Well, by the time hubby got done fisting me, he realized that it was the most intensely trust-based form of sex we’d ever experienced together.  He was inside me in a way that could have seriously hurt me if he didn’t listen to my body’s every clue and obeyed my every command.  Never before have our two bodies had to be in such perfect union.

When I came all over his fist, the light bulb turned on.  The look on his face spoke, “Eureka!  I DID THAT TO HER!

This morning, after church, hubby came to me and let loose my leash.  He heard someone talking about sex in one of the classrooms and he heard something that just didn’t jibe with his experiences this past week.  Earlier this week, hubby and I went SRO in the hallway, experiencing something that “some” Christians call kinky, but I now call “just another position.”  On top of watching how my body exploded when he fisted me, hubby finally started to understand my yearning to explore farther boundaries of our shared sexuality.

Our Standing Room Only sex was perfectly normal and natural and wonderful!  A little animalistic, yes, but nothing two spouses shouldn’t be able to share with one another in good conscience.  But someone in that classroom begged to differ and cast such copulation in terms of sinfulness.

Now he gets it.

Now hubby understands why I want to share our sexual experiences with the world.  He still wants us to stay anonymous, because he believes we must maintain some propriety within our marriage, but now he understands why I am compelled to write about this stuff.

I want everyone to LOVE SEX with their partner and experience a GREAT sex life FOR life!

So hubby has given his consent.

He reviews everything I write for accuracy, but he is now fine with me publishing the intimate details of our sexual encounters.  If it helps someone achieve greater intimacy with their spouse, so much the better.

(He’s not all that happy that I curse like a sailor and I lay it out there in my writings, but he’ll live with it.)

My books will still have all the usual kinky weirdness in them.  Swapping, BDSM, etc.  So will my short stories.

But my blog will not.  My blog will be about sharing our experiences so you can have great sex with your partner or spouse.

And my blog is now hubby approved.

Spice it up, girls!  It’s time for your hubby to have his mind blown!

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