Soft is Nice, Too (Erotic Prose)

The sexual freak needs a break.

The “Other Woman,” the woman you didn’t marry but who still looks like your wife,

Needs to give it a rest.

It was a hard day at work.

Clients bitching, bosses twitching, and the world crumbling around her head.

She sits there in the lounge, still dressed in her work clothes.

She’s crying.

“Tough day at work,” you ask.

“Does it show?” I quip.

“Care to talk about it?” you ask.

“No,” I lie.

I’m praying, praying deep inside that you’ll understand,

That you’ll realize that I need you!

But I can’t say it!

I need my man to feel it, to sense what I need!

I can’t be the cougar, the prowler, or the sexual freak!

I can’t hint, or seduce, or draw you in.

I just need you to be the man I married.

I just hope I haven’t tainted you too much with my freaky side.

You sit next to me.

You pull me close.

“Take off your shoes, babe.”

I just needed someone to tell me what to do.

“Gimme your head.”

I lay it to your shoulder.

You stroke my hair and pet me, lover to lover.

I cry harder.

“You sure you’re going to be okay?”

“Yeah…  I just love the way this feels…”

You cuddle me closer, wrapping me so tightly I melt into your side.

The cougar may be away prowling, but the kitten is warming up.

I slip my fingers through your shirt, rubbing your chest in thanks.

You’re too much of a gentleman to admit that I still look sexy as hell.

You’re trying to restrain yourself even though my touch is turning you on.

But I feel what’s happening.

I see what’s happening.

I grin.

I scooch over and climb into your lap.

And it’s happening a little faster now.

I kiss you, giving you permission to do more than just caress.

“You sure you’re okay, babe?  I wouldn’t want to…  You know…”

I grind your crotch a little with my ass.

I feel your throbbing manhood pressing upward into my mound.

Yeah…  I’m feeling way better now!

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