Coming Alive

The week behind is a blur.

The week ahead is unknown.

The woman you once knew is evolving,

Becoming unburdened by old limits and shackles.

Old things we both thought we loved,

Are now but small pieces of cut, colored glass,

Forming a kaleidoscopic tapestry of intimate oneness.

Your flesh has never made me feel more alive.

Your caress has never been quite so bold or fierce.

Your willingness to travel this journey with me empowers me.

Thank you for sleeping this way.

For so many years I have wanted to lie next to you,

Knowing that at any moment your flesh could awaken within me.

Three AM will never be the same.

Feeling your naked body spooning into me,

Feeling your pulse throbbing in the folds of my tenderness.

You were being so good,

Holding back your ardor against your urges,

Wondering if I was awake, asleep, or lost in a fantasy.

I teased you, I admit,

Pretending not to feel your presence,

Hiding my exploding arousal with slow, deliberate breaths.

All I wanted was to feel you enter me,

To feel your body join with me once gain,

To experience the mystical oneness meant for our marriage bed.

And then, you knew.

You knew I was playing.

I felt your fingers roam and probe.

You took away my breath,

One hand caressing and teasing my breast,

The other hand massaging and testing my vulva.

I wanted to scream!

I wanted to shout, “Take me!”

Instead I played along, letting you lead.

And then I realized…

For all the times I feel the slut,

At three AM I feel the wife, your mate for life.

And I wanted tenderness.

I wanted to be treated delicately.

This was not the heat of day, but the cool of night.

I am begging you with my sighs,

Welcoming your presence with my shivers,

Eager to feel your lifeblood flooding my hungering soul.

I feel it now…

I feel you lifting yourself…

I lift my leg slightly, signaling my readiness.

You are there,

Your manhood at the threshold,

And my breathing speeds, my eagerness builds.

Ohhh…  Slowly my love.

Gently, I want to feel you enter.

Effortlessly, I want to feel us becoming a soul.

And then it begins,

A slow, rhythmic dance at midnight,

Not the wild mindless abandon of a hot afternoon.

I love you so much.

I could live like this forever.

After so many years, I still come alive in your arms.

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