“Wild, Wild Wives” (Book 2 of “The Chronicles of Staffordshire”)

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The Paulson Princesses finally have their man! Lena, Lenore, and Rory are now a happy little ménage à trois, making love here, there, and everywhere as the urge strikes. The threesome has forged a blissfully depraved little family and nothing will ever tear the three lovers apart or strain their eternal bond.

Except, perhaps, for the “M” words. Mistress, Marriage, and Mommy.

It seems Rory doesn’t know that his future wife has a cracked brain and Lena can’t tell him about Lenore’s little problem without betraying her sister’s trust. The Guardian Girl has a few more top-secret dirty jobs to do before she can release Lenore to Sonia’s protective care and the sexual tar pit of Staffordshire’s dungeon.

Plus, Lena knows she can’t be a third wheel in Rory and Lenore’s bed forever. Once they marry, the Master and Mistress will want to start a family. It is only a matter of time before Lena must find her own way in life and love. The Wild Child needs a Prince of her own to sweep her off her feet. She needs a big, cuddly, soft-spoken Prince with a gift for the perfect cup of coffee and a HUGE crush on, “The most beautiful tennis player in the world.”

And as the estate prepares for the birth of the next generation of Paulson Sisters, a mysterious young woman will visit The Master and his Mistress and teach them the real meaning of the word, “Oneness.”

The saga of Staffordshire continues. The estate’s “Wild, Wild Wives” will continue their wicked, libido-exploding ways.

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is a love story.  It is a wonderful, weird, wicked love story about two college roommates, the men they fall in love with, and the offspring who live under the fallout of all their parents’ depraved choices and nasty family secrets.  It is romantic, and erotic, and full of emotion, at times funny, at times heart breaking, and at times graphically steamy.

Book 1, “Guardian Girl,” chronicles the college days of the Paulson Princesses and their handsome Prince, following them as the girls become kick-ass attorneys and their boy wrestles with his storybook ideas about love.

Book 2, “Wild, Wild Wives,” follows the love story of the new King and Queen of Staffordshire and the Queen’s anointing as the Mistress of the estate.  It dares to ask the question, “Is it really possible to swing and whip and still be a good mommy or daddy?”

Book 3, “Loaner Lovers” digs deep, following the lives of Staffordshire’s servants and royalty as they grapple with tragic passings at the estate.

Book 4, “Drop Dead Daughters” follows the next generation of Paulson Princesses and a wicked stepdaughter’s struggle to wrest control of Staffordshire from her loving stepmother.

Four full-length novels.  More than thirty years of love stories culminating in a dungeon-bound battle royal between the generations.

These are “The Chronicles of Staffordshire.”

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is intended for mature readers only.  This trilogy contains coarse language and frequent depictions of human sexuality including BDSM, m/f, f/f, and group liaisons.

Cover art courtesy Emily Salazar at www.emilysalazar.com.  OR, catch her @Blueyedrican on Twitter.

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