Danger Mouse

Dead_Mouse“God damn this piece of shit!”  

I slammed yet another crappy, corded mouse against my desktop, cracking the case.

“This is the second one that’s died on me this month!  Where’s Ted?!  Where is that idiot IT boy Ted?!”

Groaning loudly, my luscious assistant Nina popped out of her cube and peeked her head around my door.  Twenty-six years old and 5’4″ of spicy, curvy, Double-D Latina in a navy skirt, white blouse, and 5″ pumps.  My God, she gets me wet!

“I don’t know where Ted is, my liege.  I’ll page him.”

I unplugged the mouse and held it aloft by the cable. “When Ted gets here, you tell him that this ancient piece of shit is going in the trash.  And if he wants it, he can just dig it out himself.  And you can tell him its time to start spending a little more money on the hardware.  If I find out he bought this piece of shit from his shady cousin again I’m going to castrate him!”

“I’ll let him know, Vampira.  In the mean time, do you want to just use mine instead?”

I popped the laptop from its dock and prepared to depart for wider vistas.  When I’m on deadline, my office feels like the walls are collapsing in on me.

“NO, goddammit!  I mean…”  I mellowed slightly, realizing that Nina was not the source of my frustration.  “No…  I’m going down to the conference room and work in there.  I need some space and a whiteboard.  But if Ted gets here soon, page me!  I want to have a chat with that boy.”

“Your wish is my command, Your Supreme Bitchiness.”

Nina departed and I strutted out of my office in my black pencil skirt and white blouse combo atop my favorite black nosebleed pumps.  A touch of Forbidden Vanilla trailed behind my gym whore body and naturally wavy auburn hair as I charged down the hallway to the conference room.  I could feel my gold necklace and cross bouncing and swaying in my cleavage, a titillating little bit of forethought I always put into my daily outfit selection.

I took the corner into the conference room and stopped dead.   It was already occupied as a war room by one of the other account teams.  “Shit,” I muttered.  My darling counterpart on the other team smiled and gave me a dismissive little wave. “Ohhh…  So sorry, Lanie…  Occupado!”

I scowled, growled, and left without a word.  Sometimes I want to castrate that smug bastard.  If Carlos didn’t fuck like a stallion…

I continued storming down the hallway, peeking my head into every conference room on the floor.  Taken.  Taken.  Empty but scheduled.  Taken.  In another, it sounded like someone was getting nasty on the table.

I finally came full circle, right back to my oppressive, cramped office.  Going through my mind the whole time was the indignity of the circumstance.  “God damn it!  I’m a fucking VP and I can’t get the same office space that jerk Jeremy gets!  What I would do for a fucking conference table and a white board…”

I returned the laptop to the dock, turned toward the window, and took a moment to peek through the blinds.  I needed just a hint of green, anything to make me feel less confined.

“Nina!” I shouted.

“Sorry, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, I’m not Nina.”

A male voice from behind startled me.  I spun so quickly I lost my balance, catching myself just in time to avoid an outright fall.  When I regained my footing, I found myself staring into the face of Adonis.

I wanted to be bitchy.  I wanted to say, “Who the fuck are you and why the fuck are you sneaking up on my sexy Irish ass?”  My libido would not let me.  With just one look at the young stud and I suddenly sounded like Brittany Spears, all breathy and vapid.  “No…  No…  You’re not Nina.  And…  Who are you exactly?”

Adonis extended his hand for a shake.  I extended my entire body back.  I got a nose full of the boy-god’s Axe.  Twenty-five years old at most and just what the sexy bitch ordered.

“I’m Trent.  Trent Papplebaum.”

I snickered and got offensive.  “What a name!  Papplebaum!”

Adonis did not seem amused.  “Yes…  Well…  I didn’t pick it, Ma’am.”

“Oh…  I’m sorry…  Uhhh…  Trent.  Uhm…  That still doesn’t tell me…  Why are you here?”

Adonis was staring at my cleavage, my C-natural, perfectly boosted, nicely-plunged cleavage.  I could tell Adonis was slightly aroused at the site of my creamy white, delicately freckled skin.  He had that pupil-dilated look all young men get when gazing at my ab-crunched, squat-tuned, mid-40’s form.

(Face it, young boys…  You all like your MILF and cookies.  We’re seasoned with finely aged spices.)

“Mr. Papplebaum…?”  I snapped my fingers in front of his face.  “Off the tits, boyfriend!  You’re here beeecauuuse…”

He looked back up and into my green eyes.  I smiled hopefully, nudging him along.

“Ohhh…  Yes.  Uhm, I’m here in place of Ted.”

“You’re an IT guy?” I asked, incredulous as to how a god-like geek made it past the eyeglass tape screening.

He smiled.  “Yes, Ma’am.  I understand you’re having a problem with your mouse.”

“That ain’t all I’m having problems with, Chippendale,” I mused.  Adonis was about 6’2″ of Italian-looking beef, long of leg, buff of breast, and gleaming of smile.  Ohhh…  That hair!  He had on tight black jeans and a black, cotton, button up shirt.  The top two buttons were open.  No hair, no cheesy gold chains.  SCORE!

Then I caught the glint of gold on his left hand.

Whoopsie.  Maybe not score.

A slight hint of my wild Irish anger roared back.  I remembered why Trent was there in the first place.  I wanted to wring Ted’s neck with the cable from that fucking mouse.  “Yeah!  I’m having a problem with the mouse.  It’s a freaking mouse!  How hard should it be for us to buy some mice that actually work more than three weeks!  It’s lasers and cables and shit that the world has been using since the stone age of computing!  All I want is a freaking mouse that stays alive for more than a month.”

Adonis smiled politely the entire time.  “Well, I think I can help you with that, Ma’am.  I have a spare mouse right here, and it’s a Bluetooth wireless version you can take with you wherever you go.  No chords.  I think that should help.  I can hook it up if…  If you don’t mind me sitting in your chair for a bit.”

I smiled.  I didn’t want to smile, but I couldn’t resist.  That boy had the sweetest mouth.  I couldn’t help imagining…  Kissing, yes, but what I really wanted was something involving the sensation of a tongue in my twat.

“Ma’am?  Your seat?”

“Ohhh…  Yeah!  Yeah, have a seat.  Whatever.  Can you work while I get some papers together?”

“Sure Ma’am.  No problem.”

Adonis sat, slid up under the desk, and started doing his IT geeky bullshit.  You know what I’m talking about.  You don’t care what the IT guy does to make it work, you just want it to work.  I kept peeking at his lap.  Hmmm…  That looks like…  Can’t tell from here…  Hmmm…  Slide back a little…  Just a little…

“And Ma’am,” he interrupted my measure-up, “if it ever unsyncs, you just hit this little button here on the bottom of the mouse.”

“Uh huh…  Syncs…” I mumbled, imagining his loins with less cloth.

As IT boy worked, I leaned across the desk right in front of him.  You know the position I’m talking about.  You could get the papers you need by walking around and not bothering the boy, but you REALLY want him to get a good look down your blouse.  He had to keep bobbing his head to see the screen.

“Pardon me a sec, Trent.  Gotta get these papers right…  over…  here…”

Trent slid back a little bit to get out of my way.  I stayed right there, left tit about 6 inches from his succulent lips.

“Uhhh…  It’s…  It’s okay…  Uh…  Mrs….  Uhhh…”

“Fitzgerald, dear.  Mrs. Fitzgerald.  But you can call me Lanie.  Uhhh…  By the way…  Just curious…  So what happened to Ted?”

bigstock-Young-woman-seducing-businessm-48083954_ScaledI angled around, picking up papers a liiiittle further around to his left.  I had my chest slightly in his face.  I glanced down.  AHHH…  THAT’S what I wanted to see!  GIRTH!  I got out of the lad’s way and turned, leaning back against the desktop and facing him as he worked.

“Ted…  Uhhh…” Adonis fumbled.  He kept peeking up at my chest.  “Uhhh…  Oh…  Uhm…  I’m just a temporary.  I don’t think Ted’s here any longer.   I don’t know why.”

My eyes lit up.  “So…  You don’t actually work for the company?”

“No, Ma’am.  I work for Worldwide Computers.  I’m just here temporarily.”

“Reeeally.  Uhhh…  Trent…  You going to be here for a minute or two?”

“Yeah…  While I’m here I’ll do a routine security scan on your machine.  Should take about 15 minutes.”

I patted his chest.  “Good.  You stay right here, darling.  I’ll be back.”

I grabbed my cell phone and scurried away, down the hall to an unoccupied office.  Once inside, I closed the door and hit my favorite speed dial.  I hummed P!NK’s “Fuckin’ Perfect” while I waited.  My favorite voice answered.

“Hello, you gorgeous super-bitch’.”

“Hi, lover.  And how is your day going so far?”

“Don’t lie, Lanie…  You know you’re just making chit-chat.  You really don’t want to know…”

“Of course I want to know!   Especially if it involves something dirty!”

“Well, then…  I was just sitting here in my office doing some paperwork and reliving last night.  I’ve been smiling all day.  I just hope nobody was watching.”

“Why?” I teased.  “Do you think I left the shades open again?”

“Naughty, naughty girl.  So why are you calling me in the middle of the day?  Don’t you have a client relationship to fuck up?”

“Nice.  Antagonize me.  Go ahead.  I’ll whip your sexy ass later.”

“I’m counting on it, bitch.”

“Seriously, though…  You remember that computer problem we were having on my home system?”

“Yeah…  I’m sorry about that, hon.  I haven’t had time to deal with it.”

“Don’t worry about it.  I have just  the thing.  Is the schedule clear tonight?”

“Yeah, nothing special.  Dinner…  Hot tub…  Cuddle time…  Much more than cuddle time…   The usual.”

“Good!  Then I’m bringing home desert and a guy to fix the computer.”

“‘Guy,’ eh?”

“Yeah…  He’s the desert, too!”

“For which one of us?”

I laughed.  “Just be ready.  Can you get out early?  I’d like to have him over around 6:30.”

“Hmmm…  Let me check the schedule…  Yeah.  I think I can arrange that.  I don’t have anything after 4:00 today.  I’ll be ready.  Anyone in particular you’d like me to invite?”

“I’ll take care of it, lover.  I have just the persons in mind.”

“Person-S?  Plural?”

“Alas…  Ring on the finger.”

“Ohhh…  This will be interesting.  Will I know at least one of the person-S?”

“Purrrhaps.  I’ll see if I can arrange your favorite Latina.  See you later, babe.  Love you!”

“Love you, too, gorgeous.”

By the time I got back to my office, Adonis was way ahead of schedule, close to finished.

“Hey, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, I’m almost done.  Your machine is actually pretty clean.”

The thought crossed my mind, “That’s the only clean thing in this room, sonny.”  “Ohhh…  That’s great!  But…  I have a question for you, Trent.  By chance do you do outside repair calls?”

I had come back around the desk and was once again leaning next to Adonis.  I slid closer.  My leg brushed up against the chair.  My skirt hiked juuuust far enough that he could see the tops of my stockings.  I wanted to show him strap, but that would been just a little over the top.  Ahhh…  Good boy!  He was peeking!  Like all men, I am sure he was wondering, “Thong girl?”

(The answer, by the way, is YES!)

“Yeah…  I…  I guess so.  I do that work for myself though.   If it’s after hours I don’t need to book it through the company.”

“Well then, dear, what are you doing tonight?”

He startled.  “You mean, like tonight, tonight?  This evening tonight?”

“Yeah?  Got any plans?  I have a machine at home that’s acting up.”

Adonis swallowed deeply.   “Can you…  Uh…  Tell me the symptoms?  Maybe I could send over…”

“Wellll…  I’m sure it’s something that will require your special talents.  The machine has just been…   Acting up.  You know.  It’s hard to describe.  I think I need a professional with a really big set of tools to come in and probe it.  It’s such a finicky thing.”

I could tell Adonis was feeling just a little antsy.  The little boy sensed that the big, bad cougar was hungry for a snack.  He stammered a bit.

“Uhhh…  Well…  Will…  Uh…  Will anyone else be there?”  He glanced at my 2 carat wedding ring.  “Your husband maybe?”

“Probably.  I’m not sure.  Is that a problem?”  I lifted my hand a played with my necklace, drawing Adonis’ eyes down to my cleavage.

“No.  No, that’s…  Not a problem.  I don’t think.”

“GOOD!  Then let me give you my address and my number and…” I grabbed a sticky note pad and a pen and started writing.  “…Will 6:30pm be okay?”

“Uhhh…  Sure.  6:30 would be fine.  Just…  Uh…  I need to check with my wife to be sure we don’t have any plans.”

“Sure, Trent.  Whatever you have to do.  But it really needs to be tonight.  My machine is really acting up and I have this major client pitch I’m working on.  I’d be happy to pay double your going rate if you could slip it in tonight.”

I reached down, grabbed Adonis’ hand, and tucked the sticky inside.  I pressed it into his palm with my index finger.  Leaning forward, I hung my cleavage before his face and lightly kissed his blushing cheek.  I whispered into his ear.

“You’re a God-send Trent Papplebaum.  A true God-send.  I’m soooo looking forward to having you fix my equipment.”

Adonis rose with a jolt and demurely covered his crotch with his tablet.  He tried to slip out of my cramped office without bumping into me or anything else.  Fail.  He just about knocked over my ficus trying to avoid boning me.

“Okay, Ma’am.  I’ll see you tonight, then…  6:30pm.  I’ll…  I’ll be there.”

As he disappeared, I sat in my well-warmed chair and smiled.  I LOVE Fresh meat!

“Nina!” I shouted.  “GET THE HELL IN HERE!”

Nina strolled casually around the corner, shaking her head.  “What is it now, oh wicked bitch of the west?”

I smirked at her, beckoning her come hither with my index finger.  “Get your sexy ass in here, darling.  And close the fucking door.”

Nina plopped herself in one of my guest chairs and grinned.  She knew the drill.  Mommy’s kitty was hungry and choice beef was on the menu.  “Be easy on the boy, Lanie.  He probably doesn’t know how things work around here yet.”

“Ohhh, I’ll be easy on him, darling.  I’ll be veeery easy on him.  And how about you?  Would you like to get your equipment worked on tonight, too?  I think I have just the mechanic…”

Nina laughed.  “Lanie, you are, without doubt, the most transparent woman I know.”

“And you, my darling, are one of the sexiest, and I’ll take good care of you in a moment.  But first…  Business.  Before lunch I need you to do a little snooping regarding one Trent Papplebaum.  I saw a ring on the boy’s finger and I want deep background.”

“Deep background?  By tonight?  Seriously?”

“You work miracles all the time, Nina.  Don’t pretend you can’t do it.  Spouse.  Name.  By 1pm.  Got it?”

Nina shook her head at me.  “Yes, oh fuckless leader.  Your wish for pile-driving is my command.”

“Good!  I’m glad I won’t need to spank you for insubordination.”  I patted my lap.  “Now… Close the hall blinds.  Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday…”

True to his words, Trent Papplebaum arrived right on time.  6:30pm on the dot.  The doorbell rang.  I answered it.  As I opened the door, Trent got more introduction than he anticipated.  I’d changed.

Clothes, silly.  I’d changed clothes.

Trent got to see what a woman who cares about her body is able to achieve with daily doses of running, and squatting, and thrusting, and lifting, and yoga-ing, and more lifting, and endless, endless sit-ups.  I had on my favorite destroyed denim mini skirt – the way-too-short one – and my favorite tie-front crop-top blouse.  Sans bra, of course.  I was barefoot, with my nails freshly polished bright red, my lips freshly painted to match, and my naturally wavy hair down and wild.  If Trent Papplebaum didn’t know what he was getting into before, he certainly did on first glance.

“TRENT!  So good to see you!  Come on in, darling.  My office is on the other side of the house.”

I extended my hand, grabbed his arm, and pulled him forward.  He thought better of crossing the threshold.  He resisted.  Silly boy!

“Uhhh…  Mrs. Fitzgerald…  Uhm…  Is your husband home?”

“Of course he is, darling!  Do you want to meet him?  He’s back in the office.”

That eased Adonis’ fears.  The cougar wouldn’t attack if the mate was in the house.  He felt safe.  He stepped right in.  He hadn’t changed from earlier in the day, still wearing his jeans and black shirt.  Love those jeans.  Cock proud like vintage Tom Jones.

“Oh.  Okay.  Sure.”

The smell of pasta and garlic-free marinara permeated the air.  A full dinner of carb-loading (sans breath-killers) was called for.  Marathons require fuel.  We’d already fueled.

“Wow!  That smells great, Ma’am!”

“There’s still some left if you’d like a little…” I offered casually as we walked past the kitchen and toward my office.

“No…  I grabbed something before I came over and…”

We approached my office door.  The echoes of passion came from within.  I reached out and opened the door as Adonis finished his thought.

“…I’m not all that hungry now…”

Adonis saw my 5’11”, no-Cialis-needed, silver-haired, gym-buffed husband humping Nina.  My spicy Latina was on all fours on the top of my desk, top off, tits dangling, skirt hiked, and stockings and garters long gone.  Bill was naked, standing flat footed to either side of her knees, crouching over her ass like a dog in heat, doing what nature intended an unfaithful husband to do with his wife’s randy executive assistant.

“OH MY GOD!” Adonis shouted.  “Ma’am!  What the…?  What’s going on…?”

I behaved as if nothing was going on.  “What?  What’s wrong, Trent?  The computer is over here, darling, on the other side of the desk.”

I took Adonis by the hand and started to lead him toward my husband and Nina.  He balked.

“BUT!  MA’AM!  They’re…  There are people…”

“People?  What people?  OH!  I haven’t done proper introductions!  William H. Fitzpatrick, III, I’d like to introduce Trent Papplebaum, our IT guy from the office.”

Without missing a stroke, a hump, or a pump, Bill reached out his hand and Trent took it.  “Nice to…  To meet you…  Trent…  Lanie…  Tells me…  You’re going to…  Huh… Huh…  Take care of…  The problem with…  The…  The…  Computer…”

Bill took back his hand, grabbed Nina’s waist, and pounded pussy.  Nina had her face pressed down against the desktop and groaned loudly after each impact.

“Ohhh…  Ohhh…  Hi Lanie… Hi Trent…  Ohhh God, Bill…  Oh God…  Oh God…”

Trent’s eyes pancaked.  “But…  Ma’am…  I mean…”

“Oh, them?  Just ignore them darling.  They do this sort of thing all the time.  Nina’s an unrepentant slut.”

“HEY!” Nina protested.  “Speak for yourself, fucking bitch!”

I led Adonis toward the chair, just a few feet from the coitus taking place on the desk, and settled him to work on the computer.

“Now, Trent…”  He had his disbelieving eyes stuck on the furious fuck in the room.   “Trent, darling…  Over here.”

bigstock-Sexy-girl-wearing-very-short-s-17559587_ScaleHe swiveled his head straight into my waxed-bald puss and ass.  I had bent over the computer keyboard, rump pushed back in his face, skirt hiked and luring an attack to my rear flank.

MA’AM!” Adonis shouted, averting his eyes.

I pushed back into his face, throwing him back into the chair.  CONTACT!

“MA’AM!” he protested, arms flailing.

I shoved back further, plowing his face straight into my snizz.  Eyes closed no longer.


I reached behind, grabbed Adonis’ head, forced his mouth into my pussy, and his nose into my freshly cleansed asshole.  Poor boy.  He wasn’t getting the hint.  So young.  So inexperienced.

“Trent, darling, generally speaking, when a man has his fucking face in a whore’s ass, the first thing he does is actually eat her pussy.  Now if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, Trent, EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY!”

Holding Trent’s face in my ass, I gave his head a little jiggle to start his motor.  He figured out quickly that the fastest way to get oxygen was by giving Mommy exactly what she wanted.  Tonguing and kissing commenced.  Trent forgot ALL about that inconvenient little truth called a wedding ring.  But, like all novices…  Too soft.  Too slow.

“Ahhh…  That’s nice…  Very nice, Trent…  Very nice…  Yes…  Ohhh…  Yessss…. Suck it…  Yes…  Yeah…  You can go nice and slow for about the next two seconds and then DO ME A FUCKING FAVOR AND ACTUALLY EAT THE FUCKING PUSSY!  Do I LOOK like I want it slow and sweet, Trent?  I want that fucking tongue of yours to turn my pussy into a tongue-fucked mess!  SO GET BUSY!  And the ass, too, Trent!  It’s clean, so GO FOR IT!”

Okay, so Trent didn’t turn out quite as wild as I’d hoped.  But he did get freaky.  And ohhh my, he was QUITE good tickling my asshole with the veeery tip of his tongue.  WOW!  Not bad for a novice.  “That’s, right, Trent…  Niiiice…  Tickle my asshole, baby…  Veeeery nice…”

I had the pleasure of Trent’s visitation in my vaj for quite some time.  He actually became quite good at running his tongue in, stiffening it, and fucking me with his face.  That’s somewhat advanced technique for a man of such tender years.  Mommy was proud.

I’d already had my carbs for dinner.  A balanced diet called for protein.  Time for salami!

I spun, grabbed Trent’s belt, unbuckled it, and yanked his pants and tighty-whities straight to his ankles.  He protested one more time, but to no avail.  I wasn’t all that interested in, “But Mrs. Fitzpatrick!  I’m married!”

“Yeah, yeah…  So am I Trent.  So how’s the fucking weather in Pecoima?”

OHHH…  Trent WAS a big boy!  Just as I’d hoped!  Mrs. Papplebaum married well!  It was too big for me to swallow.  Sooo…  Sucking, licking, and pumping would suffice.

I love balls.  I love the taste of them, the way they have this salty-tangy taste and no two taste the same.  And a healthy cock is like unto the balls, an extension of that salty tanginess.  And cum…  Don’t even get me started.  It’s like God invented the 31 flavors of cock and then added sprinkles and fudge just for girls like me.

Trent had apparently never had his balls done quite so professionally.  I was on my knees, finger-fucking myself with one hand while I pumped Trent’s cock with the other.  (Don’t ask which was which.  It all moved kind of quickly.)  I took one of his balls into my mouth and licked it.  Trent’s body stiffened and he slammed his head repeatedly into the back of my office chair.

On the desk, Daddy and Nina tired of the doggy thing.  Shame.  I could take doggie all night and twice on Sunday.  Three times if I had a good night’s sleep.  Nina slipped back and stood at the end of the desk, her incendiary brown body naked save for those adorable blue platforms she wore, legs spread, awaiting another piercing probe by papa’s prong.

(Like what I did there?  It’s called an alliteration.  It’s easy.  Just get a thesaurus and practice, girls.)

And prong her he did.  Bill came around slipped in, and picked up right where he started.  Filling my spicy Latina friend.

Watching my husband fuck another woman is the headiest turn-on imaginable.  It’s like he’s saying, “You see this, baby?  This is what I’m going to do to you later.  If you’re LUCKY!”  It always makes me wet!

I moved up from Trent’s balls and polished his prick.  I LOVE sucking cock.  I could suck cock all day long and twice on…

Oh yeah.  I said that already.  Well…  Hell…  So much of erotica is all the same anyway, right?

It seems Trent’s wife needs some coaching.  He slipped and let a family secret slide.  “Ohhh wow…  Marni never does that…  Ohhh God…  Ohhhhh God…  Yes!  Oh YES!  Oh…  Right there!  OHHH lick that.  Please…  Please!”

How sad.  The boy doesn’t know to DEMAND what he wants.

“Trent dear, I want you to repeat after me.  ‘Listen, you fucking bitch…'”


“Just repeat after me…  Try it…  It’s just us, baby…  ‘LISTEN, you fucking bitch…'”

He struggled.  “Listen…  You…  You fucking bitch…”

“I want you to suck my cock like it’s your last meal on earth.”

“MRS. FITZGERALD!  I can’t say that!”

“DO IT, Trent!  It’s just words, Trent.  So DO IT!”

“I want you…  To…  To suck my cock…  Like it’s your LAST meal on earth!”

And I did.  And suddenly, Trent discovered the power of a forceful tone during sex.  It’s a turn-on.  I responded by pumping and sucking him off so furiously I almost made him come.  But NOT quite.  When I felt his balls tensing and his cock twitching, I gave the head a little bite.  Nothing hard.  Just a little teeth.

That cooled him off.

I glanced at the clock.  7:15pm.  I had to get things cranking fast.  Without asking for Trent’s permission I grabbed a Magnum I’d opened on the hope I was right about his package and I whipped it on.  That kind of snapped him to attention.

“WAIT A MINUTE!  WHAT ARE YOU…?  Are we going to have SEX?”

Nina shook her head.  “He’s a little slow to the dance, isn’t he?  She just gave you a blow-job, Trent.  Not much after that isn’t sex.”

I didn’t give Trent a chance to decline.  I’d been wet since dinner.  Hell.  Who am I kidding?  I’d been wet since I first laid eyes on the boy.  I spun around, grabbed that condom-clad cunt-killer, and I fucked myself.  I sat right down on that beautiful cock like I owned it, I would never let it go, and I’d take it home to bed with me.

Assuming I had to actually leave my home to…  Well…  You know.

I pride myself on a couple of things.   One…  I have a killer body for a woman my age.  Hell.  I have a killer body period, screw age!   Two…  I can strangle a cock and cut off it’s circulation with my cunt.  You remember that old song, “My girl likes to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time…”  That’s me and my Kegels.  I Kegel when I wake up.  I Kegel in the car.  I Kegel in my office, in the bathroom, in meetings, on the plane, at lunch, and when I’m fucking beautiful cock.

Apparently I need to teach Trent’s wife a few things.  The boy has obviously never been Kegeled by a serious slut.  He lost his mind as I bounced up and down on his crotch.

“OH MY GOD!  MRS. FITZPATRICK!  OH MY GOD!  What are you doing to me?  OH MY GOD!  OH MY GOD!  You’re hurting me!  I can’t take it like this much longer!”

Oops.  Guess I don’t know my own strength.  I lightened up.

“OH, yes…  Wow…  Much better.  Oh my God, Mrs. Fitzpatrick.  It feels like you’re…  Are you squeezing me?  WOW!”

“Yes sir, I love ‘squeezing’ cock.  I could cut off your cock with my cunt if I wanted to.  You want me to go back to what I was doing before…?”


“Relax, Trent.  I’m just kidding…”

I shut up and fucked the boy crazy, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, listening to the squeaking of my desk chair and the huffing and puffing of my husband and Nina.  Bill and Nina were close enough that I was able to reach over and touch his fingertips.  For a couple of seconds, as our fingertips touched, we felt like we were fucking each other, not two loaners.

I glanced at the clock.  7:28.

“Bill…  Nina…  It’s time.”

I hopped off Trent’s lap and spun his chair.  Without any warning, Bill jumped off Nina and my beautiful Spanish dish scrambled over.  She hovered over Trent’s stunned, still-condom-clad cock, and impaled her squeaky-clean, pre-lubed ass on his spear.

Trent’s eyes exploded.  His face betrayed astonishment and runaway arousal.  The sensation of Nina’s well-trained ass consuming his exceedingly large member sent Trent around the planet.

And then my boy Bill took the party to a whole new level of lurid.

(You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?  ‘Nuf said.)

The buzzer on my desk rang, signaling an arrival at the front door.  With Bill pounding Nina’s pussy and Trent captive in her luscious ass, one more guest showed up for the party.

I left my office and sprinted down the hallway, sliding to a stop a few feet from the front door.  I re-tied my crop-top, adjusted the skirt a smidge, and shook off the jitters.   Breathing slowly, deeply, I settled my racing heart.  I opened the door.  Before me stood what I expected to see attached to the ring finger of Adonis.

I saw Athena.  Marni Papplebaum stood 5’9″, still had the athletic body of the former college basketball player she was, and the smile of a supermodel.  Long, sandy brown hair flowed down over her 24-year-old shoulders.  She wore what I’d expect Adonis’ wife to wear.  Skin-tight jeans, mock boots, a half-sleeve pumpkin colored T, and a gold necklace with a small cross at the end.

“You must be Marni Papplebaum?” I said, extending my hand.

“And you’re…  You’re Mrs. Fitzpatrick?” Marni said, eyeing me up and down.

“YES!  Welcome to my home!  Come on in darling!”  I ushered Marni past the door, into the foyer and toward the nearby sitting room.  Couldn’t hear a peep coming from the back office.

“Well…  Thank you, but…  I’m not sure why I’m here?  You said it had something to do with my husband?  The person who called was pretty vague.  She just told me that I had to be here at 6:30pm.”

I hooked Marni by the elbow and directed her into the sitting room.  In my office, the nuclear DP sex continued unabated.  I led Marni to the love seat, sat with my legs slightly tucked, and patted the seat beside me.  With me at 5’8″ and Marni at 5’9″, we fit very snugly on the couch.  As we sat sideways to each other, our knees tended to touch.  I’m sure she caught peeks of my sopping wet, glistening, panty-less cunt, but was too stunned to inquire.

“Yes, this has to do with your husband.  And you.  And…  And…”

I got caught sniffing.  I smiled.  Ohhh… My plan was going to work perfectly!

“Excuse me, Marni…  But…  You wouldn’t happen to be wearing Dahlia Noir, would you?”

She smiled.  “Why yes!  Thank you for noticing!  Do you like Dahlia Noir, too?”

“See for yourself, darling.  Take a sniff.”

I leaned close, pressed my bra-less tits to her chest, lifted my hair away from my neck, and urged her to draw a whiff.  You see, the secret in perfume-driven seduction – especially when seducing a woman – is to tuck that small drop behind the ear, where temptation has its way and the person being seduced doesn’t even know it’s happening.  It’s an intimate place, a place where women know they are making themselves vulnerable to the person on the approach and the person on the approach knows it.

I caught the look.  You know the one.  Eyes closed, smiling vaguely, going slightly daffy when you feel that tingle in your personal area.

“Ohhh…  Mrs. Fitzpatrick!” she gushed.  “On you it smells a-ma-zing!”

“Thank you, darling!  May I take a…  A sniff?  Where do you wear it…?”

She blushed.  “Same place.”

“May I, darling?” I asked, touching her bare bicep.  Little goosebumps popped.

“Well…  Sure…  I guess.”

Taking a hint from me, Marni lifted away her hair, tilted her head to the side and back, and made my intimate approach a slam-dunk.  I smiled as I leaned in, slowly craning my neck to find that little dab spot near the ear.  I opened my mouth as I approached, pouring heat onto her neck, pretending to hunt for just the right spot.

“Hmmm…  I’m having a little…  A little trouble finding it, dear…”  I pressed our bodies together and touched the other side of her head.  I could feel Marni’s breathing quickening as our chests mashed.  “Hmmm…”  My lips were right against her neck as I spoke.  “I think I smell something waaaay back here…”  I lifted her hair.  I felt her body shiver.  “Ohhh…  Yes…  Ohhh…”  I took a sniff.  She smelled like lust.  “Marni…”  I sniffed again, exhaling on her bare neck.  “Marni…  Oh my GOD…  You smell so amazing!  I mean… This perfume…”  I felt her shiver again.  She was trying to avoid touching me but I felt her hand hovering over my back.  “On you…  This is positively…  Seductive.

“Here…  Let me check the other side…  I think I should be able to find it now…”

I tried to shift sides.  Marni tried to stop me.

“Mrs. Fitzpatrick, I…”

“Please, Marni,” I said, continuing my journey across her face, breathing across her lips, bringing my mouth to the other side of her neck, “call me Lanie.”

“Lanie… I…”

“Please, Marni…  I need to smell that again.   I think it is quite possibly the most beautiful…  Most erotic smell I have ever experienced…”

“Lanie…  I think…”

I brushed my lips across her neck.  I found the second point.  The perfume had blended with the oils in her skin and had produced a unique signature.  A musky, dark smell that had me getting wet again, as if I needed any help.  I lightly touched her back, pressing our bodies together a little more forcefully.  I laid my hand on her thigh, rubbing it lightly.

“Lanie… Please…”  She shook.

I kissed that spot.  I felt her hand clamp to  my back.  I kissed it again.  Her head fell back and she exposed her neck to me.  I flicked the spot with my tongue, she groaned.  I felt her unconsciously rubbing my back with her hands, caressing my head as she held it close.  I stroked her thigh, moving my hand toward her pussy.

“Lanie…  I can’t…  This is…  Wrong…  I’m married…” she breathed.

I kissed her neck again.  “And so am I, darling.  Happily.  My husband is home, too.  But he is not here with us right now, and this is a very, very big house.  I just need one, more smell of that beautiful… seductive…  scent…”

“Lanie, please… Don’t…”

“Just one more smell, darling…  Please…  I can’t live another day if I don’t get one more taste of that scent on your skin…”

I didn’t smell.  I kissed.  I licked.  I got firm.  I slid my hand between her legs and stroked, moving closer, closer, closer to her pussy.  I became more aggressive with my kissing, covering her neck with kisses.  I moved toward her mouth, kissing her cheeks, kissing her forehead.

bigstock-Closeup-of-pair-girl-mouths-ki-17557691_ScaleI struck the mighty blow.  I kissed her mouth and withheld my tongue.  I kissed her passionately, building Marni’s thrill with each kiss.  When I felt the tip of her tongue dart through her lips, I forced open her mouth with my tongue and I frenched her.

I had Marni’s pussy in the palm of my hand!  I was squeezing, and stroking and fondling, and Marni had lost all thought for her husband, the sanctity of her marriage, and the thought that somewhere in the house, my husband was prowling.  Or DP-ing my assistant with her husband stuffed up Nina’s ass.

She was giving in.  I felt Marni grope my ass through my skirt.  I lifted her shirt, slipping my hand up to her bra strap and unhooking.

She lifted my skirt and her eyes flew wide.

“Yes darling.  I’ve been waiting for you.  And now, it’s time for you to let me show you how an experienced woman makes love.”

Holding Marni in my arms, I laid her to her back against the narrow love seat.  I made out with her, inching my way down her chest.  As I approached her waist I lifted away her shirt and exposed her breasts.  We were compatible, almost exactly the same size.  Same problem, too.  Stiff Nipple Syndrome, or, “SNS,” as it’s known to the medical community.

I unbuttoned her jeans and tugged them down, panties and all.  I left them around her ankles, making her feel a little less self-conscious but a little more risque.

Adonis was a fortunate man.  A truly beautiful pussy awaited my mouth.  The girl waxed.  Her labia were already swelling with arousal.  I wanted her first time with a woman (assuming she wasn’t already with one in college) to be memorable and comfortable.   She would be completely ready before I elevated our mating to the next level.  I teased her around the edges of her pussy, kissing and licking her mound, then occasionally flicking her clit.  When I felt her breathing deepen, I dove in.  I drew in her clit and sucked it.  She jerked and squirmed, grabbing my head and stuffing it deeply into her snatch.  She was definitely a clit girl.  The more I worked her clit, the more her legs shook and twitched.

Marni was overflowing.  Her labia were puffy and ready.  I didn’t ask.  When a girl is like that, and she’s letting you feast on her femininity, you don’t need to ask.

I fucked her.  I’m a half-fist girl, but I know most are not.  So I started her easy.  One finger.  In and out.  Moaning and groaning.   Squirming and writhing.  In and out.  Hunting for that special little spot.

Ohhh…  She can handle more than that!  She’s supple!  “Two fingers, bartender!”

“Ohhh…  Lanie..  What are you doing to me?  I…  I can’t be doing this…  This is…  It’s wrong… My husband…  If my husband finds out…” she said, her head lolling back and forth on the love seat.

“What if I were to tell you that I could guarantee your husband would be okay with this…”  I inserted a third finger and started fucking her with a vengeance.  “… Would you feel better?  Would it make you feel better to know your husband would be fine with us being together?”

“LANIE!  Oh God!  Ohhh…  What are you doing?  Ohhh MY GOD!  OHHH…  This feels…  Hmmmm…  Ohhh…  Oh this is so amazing!  Ohhh God…  YES!  YES!”

“Would you feel better if your husband knew what we were doing and that he would accept it?”


“Yes to your husband, or yes to the fact that I’m sucking your clit and fucking the shit out of you?”


“Then come for me!  LET GO!  Release yourself and COME FOR ME!  FEEL IT, Marni!  FEEL me fucking you!  This is just fucking!  This isn’t love!  Love is what you have with your husband!  You’ll always have that!  But THIS, Marni!  LET YOURSELF FEEL IT!  LET IT GO!  COME ON, BABY!  LET IT GO!  YOU LOVE THE WAY THIS FEELS!  LET IT GO!”

I rammed Marni so hard her body bounced in the love seat.  I could tell she was building.  Her legs were jerking, her back was twisting, and she was squirming all over the seat.  I could feel it.  Her body was ready for climax, wanting to come, needing to release its artificial shackles to the love/sex union.

With my left hand I whirled her clit.  With my right hand I crammed her cunt.



Marni came and came and gushed and came some more.  I held her closely for a moment, absorbing the sensations of her flesh falling into the abyss of orgasm.  Then, as she fell into post-orgasmic jerks, I fell back to the floor and gave my hand a rest.  I watched her body roll through spasm after spasm as it released nervousness and fear on the waves of a tsunami of sex.

But she needed help.  In her mind, Marni knew what we’d just done was indecent and profane.  It was so depraved, and so sudden, and so unlike her, and so unfaithful, and so adulterous.

She cried, burying her face in her hands.  “Oh God, Lanie!  What did we just do?  That was so wrong!  Trent will never forgive me!  Ohhh…  God, Lanie!  WHY?”

I quietly removed her shoes, jeans, and panties.  To make her feel less self conscious, I removed my skirt and stood before her, naked.

“Marni, darling, I know this is a shock for you.  It feels so wonderful but so dirty.  I want to show you something that might help you feel better.  Come with me.”

“Lanie!  Trent will never forgive me!  I just cheated on him!”

“Shhh…  Come with me, darling.  It’s all going to be okay…  I promise.”

Still crying, I led Marni down the hallway toward my back office.  As we came closer, and closer, and closer, she heard the sounds of sex.  She heard the sounds of her husband’s voice.  She opened her mouth to protest.  I put my finger up to her lips.  I whispered.

“Marni…  I have a little confession, darling.  What I did to you, I did to your husband earlier.  Now it’s time for you to have my husband.  Let’s balance the scales.  Now…  Be quiet as I open the door.”

She stared at me wide-eyed and speechless, mindlessly stroking her pussy.

I opened the door quietly and pointed in.  On the couch, Nina was sitting with her ass off the cushions, legs in a flying V, and Adonis was reaming her pussy from the front.  Bill had hidden behind the door.  He grabbed Marni’s hand, pulled her in, shoved his condom-covered cock between her legs and began groping her from behind.  Bill didn’t give Marni room for protest and the sight of her husband fucking Nina suddenly changed her perspective about the permissibility of the deed.

Bill’s powerful hands — hands that always proved so delightful on my body —  roamed all over Marni’s chest and pussy.  He kissed her neck furiously and slipped his cock back and forth against her slickened crevice.  Marni felt Bill’s tool in her folds and went weak in the knees.

I walked to the couch where Adonis mated with Nina, tapped him on the shoulder, and pointed to his close-eyed wife, now being actively humped standing-style by my husband.  He gasped.  He opened his mouth to shout.  I pressed my fingertips to his lips.  I whispered in his ear.

“No, baby…  Just fuck the girl you have here.  Have fun.  Marni’s having fun.  Later tonight, after we’ve all had our fun and fucked ourselves silly, you and Marni can go home and compare notes.  Ask her how she liked cougar pussy…

“Oh…  And Trent…

“Be here tomorrow night at the same time with your beautiful wife on your arm.  We have two new staff joining the firm tomorrow…”

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