“Loaner Lovers” (Book 3 of “The Chronicles of Staffordshire)

Loaner Lovers Teddy Risque_WebIt’s feeding time at Staffordshire.  The Mistress’s libido is positively famished!  She hasn’t corrupted anyone in months and her global circle of lovers just isn’t big enough for her glutenous appetite.

Ahhh, but the Mistress knows precisely who to defile!  The lanky neurosurgeon with her unrequited, college-years crush on The Master and the surgeon’s husband who fantasizes about bedding the Mistress.  Ah yes, they will do nicely!  After all, there’s nothing like a nice, intimate orgy between friends to strengthen one’s marriage, don’t you think?


Dangerous secrets abound among the inner circle at the estate.  Things have become so bad, the estate’s slutty Upstairs Maid/Therapist has called a weekend-long, emergency intervention.  It seems someone had an “oopsie” with The Mistress during dungeon playtime, one of the Paulson sisters has tried to steal The Master from his Mistress, and another servant has considered dispatching themselves from this life.

(Just remove the breakables from the room, Maricela.  You know how nasty things can get when The Mistress is crossed.)

Also in “Loaner Lovers”…

In the wake of a tragic passing, the Family St. Cloud will take a camping trip to the wilds of New York and learn the power of divine forgiveness.

The Mistress Mommy will share words of wisdom with her beautiful little girl, sweet little sobriquets that will come back to haunt everyone at the estate for a generation to come.

Yet another tragedy will befall the St. Cloud’s and a mystical near-death ride in the countryside will leave The Mistress wishing she had freshened the dungeon decor sooner.

The Mistress will scheme yet again, altering love’s natural course and brokering a premature union that will curse everyone at the estate.

And – as always – The Mistress’s Guardian Girl will bear the greatest burden of all, sheltering her lover’s messy secrets and picking up the pieces of her failed, duplicitous schemes.

Yes, the weird, wonderful world of Staffordshire lives on!

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is a love story.  It is a wicked love story about two college roommates, the men they love, and the offspring who live with the fallout of all their parents’ depraved choices and nasty family secrets.  It is romantic, and erotic, and full of emotion, at times funny, at times heart breaking, and at times graphically steamy.

Book 1, “Guardian Girl,” chronicles the college days of the Paulson Princesses and their handsome Prince, following them as the girls become kick-ass attorneys and their boy wrestles with his storybook ideas about love.

Book 2, “Wild, Wild Wives,” follows the love story of the new King and Queen of Staffordshire and the Queen’s anointing as the Mistress of the estate.  It dares to ask the question, “Is it really possible to swing and whip and still be a good mommy or daddy?”

Book 3, “Loaner Lovers” digs deep, following the lives of Staffordshire’s servants and royalty as they grapple with tragic passings at the estate.

Book 4, “Drop Dead Daughters” follows the next generation of Paulson Princesses and a wicked stepdaughter’s struggle to wrest control of Staffordshire from her loving stepmother.

Four full-length novels!  More than thirty years of love stories culminating in a dungeon-bound battle royal between the generations.

These are “The Chronicles of Staffordshire.”

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is intended for mature readers only.  This trilogy contains coarse language and frequent depictions of human sexuality including BDSM, m/f, f/f, and group liaisons.

Cover art courtesy Emily Salazar at www.emilysalazar.com.  OR, catch her @Blueyedrican on Twitter.

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