Staffordshire Series is (NOT) Complete! “Drop Dead Daughters” Available NOW!

Book 4 - Drop Dead Daughters - CopperPlate - Gradiant_Web_PostUPDATE:  Just when I thought I couldn’t write any more about Staffordshire, the Paulson Sisters trapped me in my basement, tied me to a chair, and attacked me with a dildo until I agreed to continue their story!  Keep your eyes open for “The Civilian,” Book #5 in “The Chronicles of Staffordshire!”

“Drop Dead Daughters” (Book 4 of 4) is AVAILABLE NOW!  If you’ve been keeping up with the story of Lena, Lenore, Rory, Jesse, and the raunch hands at Staffordshire, then you know that nobody is immune to tragedy.  I won’t spoil it, but the House of St. Cloud suffers a devastating loss in “Loaner Lovers” and Staffordshire will change forever.

“Drop Dead Daughters” picks up the story of the next generation of princesses, showing us what heartache feels like when mommies and daddies keep dirty little family secrets from their children.

Shyla throws a graduation party for the ages and The Mistress throws it right back.

The “Billionaire’s Barbies” move into Stilson Hall and they’ll burn out a wet

vac or two with their weekly games of SplashOpoly.

Guardian Girl-Final_WebWild Wild Wives 2 Blue Corset with Script_Scaled_Web

Shyla unveils her grandest revenge scheme yet but roomie Mary could pay dearly.

The elder Paulson sisters plot to show their dykey daughters the joy of cooking with Staffordshire’s handsome French Chef.   (Hmmm…  We really must have Manny check out the sauna.  The lock on the door seems to be malfunctioning again…)

When Shyla’s plot backfires, The Mistress is left to clean up the PR mess.  Mommy and Daddy O’Donnell will soon find out just how much of an “apology” they can handle.

Will The Mistress’s curse be broken?  Or is the St. Cloud clan doomed to live with the fallout of her youthful indiscretion for generations to come?

Loaner Lovers Teddy Risque_Web

And Shyla gets her comeuppance at the hand of The Mistress as she snoops around the castle, unwittingly embarking upon her “Post Graduate Studies.”  Be very careful, Shyla.  A stern disciplining awaits you in the dark recesses of your home!

You’ll just have to read it for yourself to find out!

Alas, all good things must come to an end and Staffordshire is no different.  “Drop Dead Daughter” is the end of our saga…

Or IS it?


With all my love…


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