“Guardian Girl: 3rd Edition” Out NOW! Update your Kindles!

Book 1 - Guardian Girl - CopperPlate - Gradiant_Web_PostI confess.  I messed up.  I apologize to everyone who downloaded “Guardian Girl” during one of our free promotions or bought a copy.  My editor told me I was crazy for rushing it to the bookstore, but there were personal things going on behind the scenes that made me want to get it out there fast.

Well…  I goofed.  There were some edits that we missed and some parts of the Prologue that just didn’t make sense.

So I’ve just published the 3rd Edition of “Guardian Girl” including some re-writes to the Prologue and some additional little edits.  If you were one of those people who downloaded “Guardian Girl” previously, please visit the Kindle Store to update your copy and enjoy a fresh start!  AND…  Watch for our special FREE promotion of “Wild Wild Wives,” coming soon!

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