Sneak Peek! “Staffordshire” Book #5, “The Civilian.”

Book 5 - The Civilian - CopperPlate - No Gradiant_Web PostJust when you thought “The Chronicles of Staffordshire” couldn’t get any wilder, the next generation of the Paulson Sisterhood moves into the big house and turns everything PINK!  

Shyla, Mary and “The Billionaire Barbies” are all grown up, with kick-ass careers and philanthropic causes.  St. Cloud, Crosson, and St. Cloud is a whole new firm with the Shy One and wing-woman Mary on board.  But the new Mistress of Staffordshire feels the tick tock of a biological clock and she’s dropping hints to her best bitch that it’s time to start a family.

When Shyla falls in love with a “civilian” – a self-made man outside the safe bounds of The Society – all hell breaks loose.

How will Mary handle losing Shyla after so many years together?

How will Lena handle watching another St. Cloud ditch her best girl?

Will Shyla’s beau survive the infamous “Pink Lady” treatment?

Will his mind survive a trip through Pornoland?

And will they all survive a Mistress becoming – gasp! – a mommy?

Watch Twitter and this site for the announcement!  Final edits are underway NOW!

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