The Other Woman (Erotic Prose)

I am not the woman you married.

The woman you married was sexy, a little sassy, and never too wild.

The woman you married was a professional, a lover, and a mom.

Something has happened to the woman you married.

Neither of us saw it coming, but she is now gone.

She has been replaced.

The new woman is in your bed.

The new woman looks like her.

The new woman sounds like her.

The new woman feels like her.

The new woman is recognizable yet unfamiliar.

She frightens you.

She frightens me sometimes.

The Other Woman is profane, and sexual, and hungering.

She is naughty, and seductive, and craving your flesh more each day.

She is evolving, becoming something a little bit dangerous.

She is becoming more fully the sexual beast that always lurked inside.

She is ravenous for things that always lured her but were forbidden.

Now she wants the forbidden things all at once.

She is chasing you, pursuing you as if you are the fantasy lover she could not have.

She has never looked up from her knees more often in her life.

The view from down here looks very, very good.

She is making herself the fantasy you never allowed yourself, darling,

The object of desire you would never pursue, because that’s not you.

The Other Woman unzips things a little too eagerly.

She removes your shirts without a care for the buttons.

She takes you into her mouth like a servant kneeling before  her king.

She loves the hissing sound you make as her tongue tickles just the right spot.

The woman who replaced the woman you married, doesn’t want to “make love.”

“Making love” was for the woman you once knew.

This woman wants to sweat and swear and beg for more.

The Other Woman just wants to fuck.

“The Heavy Bag” | Erotic Short Story | (G/G)

Girls are Different

I’ll never forget tonight.  Every, “Oh my God, what the hell am I doing?” moment is looping in my mind and it’s making me wetter by the second.

I was so nervous I wanted to throw up.  I was about to do something so totally out of character, I just knew I was going to get caught.  I knew my husband was going to come home early and catch me doing something so wicked, so dirty…

CroppedGirlHeavyBagI knew my marriage would be over.

But I couldn’t stop myself!  I got seduced and I couldn’t stop myself!

I’ve never told my husband this, or my girlfriends this or…  Or…  Or anyone.

I really like girls.

I really love my husband.  And I really love the way it feels when he fills me and I feel like we’re one body all mingled together.

But you know that feeling when you see a really sexy woman and you can’t stop thinking about her and it turns into this fantasy where you imagine the two of you showering after working out at the gym and then one thing leads to another and the next thing you know you’re sitting in the bathroom at work masturbating about a fantasy that you pray never, ever comes true?

Yeah.  I have a real problem.

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“Guardian Girl”, Book 1 of “The Chronicles of Staffordshire”

Guardian Girl Cover Emily Salazar Option 1 Color Cuffs w Script

August 28, 1980.  It’s move-in day at Manhattan’s elite, women-only, Paulson College.  Nervous freshmen are settling in and meeting their new roommates for the first time.  Will she be a bookworm or a party girl?  A slob or a neat freak?  Will I like her?  Will she like me?

American tennis star Lena Sardi doesn’t care what her roommate is like as long as she’s normal.  Lena’s life has been practice, study, practice, play for as long as she can remember.  Lena just wants to have a little fun for a change!  She wants to kick back, meet a nice, no-drama roommate, and build a solid legal career to fall back on when her always-suspect forehand finally gives out.

Inside 1426 Stilson Hall, Spanish supermodel Lenore De La Fuente has moved in and rearranged the furniture.  Her bed is made.  Her desk is clutter-free. Her designer-made clothes are hung neatly in her closet.  She awaits the arrival of her mysterious new roommate, sitting quietly at her desk and dreaming of having just one girlfriend she can confide in, a girl she can share her hopes and secrets with and maybe even have a little fun with for a change.

The tantrum-throwing tennis pro and the OCD runway cat – with their paparazzi-magnet lives and all their tragic little secrets – will soon be knit for eternity.

And just up the Hudson…

The Prince of Madison Avenue is receiving a burdensome bequest.  He is the sole heir to his family’s fortune and he must take possession of the sprawling estate known as “Staffordshire.”  But deep within Staffordshire’s underbelly a nasty legacy lurks in the shadows.  His hands are tied.  For the man driven by idyllic dreams of love, dark family obligations will interfere.  The Prince must one day find and wed a woman with a predilection for the sublime joys of “discipline.”

Love is optional.

One day Paulson’s Princesses and Staffordshire’s Prince will collide.  Staffordshire will be reborn.  Love will bloom.  Discipline will endure.

Sorry, Lena.  Your dreams of “normal” are about to take a very muddy detour…

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is a love story.  It is a wonderful, weird, wicked love story about two college roommates, the men they fall in love with, and the offspring who live under the fallout of all their parents’ depraved choices and nasty family secrets.  It is romantic, and erotic, and full of emotion, at times funny, at times heart breaking, and at times graphically steamy.

Book 1, “Guardian Girl,” chronicles the college days of the Paulson Princesses and their handsome Prince, following them as the girls become kick-ass attorneys and their boy wrestles with his storybook ideas about love.

Book 2, “Wild, Wild Wives,” follows the love story of the new King and Queen of Staffordshire and the Queen’s anointing as the Mistress of the estate.  It dares to ask the question, “Is it really possible to swing and whip and still be a good mommy or daddy?”

Book 3, “Loaner Lovers” digs deep, following the lives of Staffordshire’s servants and royalty as they grapple with tragic passings at the estate.

Book 4, “Drop Dead Daughters” follows the next generation of Paulson Princesses and a wicked stepdaughter’s struggle to wrest control of Staffordshire from her loving stepmother.

Four full-length novels.  More than thirty years of love stories culminating in a dungeon-bound battle royal between the generations.

These are “The Chronicles of Staffordshire.”

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is intended for mature readers only.  This trilogy contains coarse language and frequent depictions of human sexuality including BDSM, m/f, f/f, and group liaisons.

Cover art courtesy Emily Salazar at  OR, catch her @Blueyedrican on Twitter.

Fine Dining (Erotic Prose)

We never liked it kinky or weird.

We always did it straight.

Missionary.  Cowgirl.  A reverse or two.

Bed.  Bath.  Living room couch.

But since that night…

Since I spiced it up and you went along for the trip…

I see a little more smirk in your smiles!

Each time we clean the dishes off the dining room table, you smile.

I smile, too.

It’s our secret.

You liked it on the dining room table, didn’t you darling?

You liked getting wild in the place where the family gathers for big meals.

It was dangerous, because we had that shade open.

But you went for the ride of your life with me on the dining room table.

You…  Lying back…  Right down the middle of the table,

Your body naked, your manhood full and thick and eager.

Your eyes blaze as I climbed up and straddle you.

My eyes blaze with lust for your prone body.

I wear the crotchless teddy you picked up just for me…

And those platform stilettos you ogle, but deny get you hot.

I lower myself, slowly, seductively.

I take you in my hand…

Crouching over your crotch…

Steadying myself with my palm to your naked chest…

I feel you there, pressing into me.

I want you in me so badly, but I am taking my time.

I am teasing.  I am grinning.  I am denying.

You are twitching.  You are pulsing.  You are pushing.

You become the aggressor and grab my hips!

I finish my fall, taking you in deeply, and I scream with laughter.

We enjoy that laugh together, but not for long.

I fall to your chest and kiss you, but not for long.

Soon, I will be back up on my feet, crouching, steadying, impaled on your flesh,

Our bodies will join in a sensuous, profane mission.

To make each other rattle and shake,

And then to lie together in our bed and dream about our time on the dining room table.

“Guardian Girl,” Book 1 of “The Chronicles of Staffordshire”

Guardian Girl

Put on your favorite jammies.

Snuggle up and get cozy for a good read.

N.C. Simmons has a rich trilogy for you.  An adult trilogy.

These, are “The Chronicles of Staffordshire,” three full-length novels spiced with life, and love, and liaisons.  It is a love story about two fated college roommates, their handsome, adoring Princes, and the tragic fallout of too many secrets held too close to the heart.

“Guardian Girl,” introduces us to our beautiful, overachieving Princesses.  The tennis pro and the supermodel are fated roommates at Manhattan’s elite, all-women, Paulson College.  These brilliant, independently-wealthy girls plan to become attorneys.  But much more than studying takes place inside 1426 Stilson Hall and love will bind them for life.

Loaner Lovers Cover Emily Salazar Option 2 Nude with Script

Drop Dead Daughters Cover Emily Salazar Option 7 Jeans Front

One day, by the hand of fate, the Paulson Princesses will meet the Prince of Madison Avenue, heir to an immense fortune and the magical kingdom of Staffordshire.  It is an estate riddled with secrets and hidden chambers and a legacy the Prince would rather deny.  A  complicated menage a trois will bloom between the Prince and his two Princesses.  A new King and Queen of Staffordshire will one day be crowned.

A depraved family legacy will live on.

And one of the Paulson Princesses will get stuck with tending her sister’s sanity.

In “Loaner Lovers,” a Mistress is crowned to discipline Staffordshire’s glutenous appetites for indiscreet pleasures.  Soon, the next generation of Paulson Sisters will be born at the estate and life at Staffordshire will never be the same.  Juggling the estate’s secret proclivities will become a little more complicated with toddlers and teens roaming the halls.  The Mistress will become a mother and will struggle to find balance.

As tragedy befall the estate, an evil curse will bedevil the daughter of the King.  Her innocent heart will be poisoned by a well-intended lie, leaving her destined to rain heartbreak upon the entire kingdom.

In “Drop Dead Daughters,” the young Princesses of Staffordshire head off to their mothers’ alma mater.  The Paulson Sisterhood will live one.  The stage will be set for a battle royal between the good Queen of Staffordshire and her evil stepdaughter, the young Princess.  The dungeon of Staffordshire will get quite a workout as two generations of the Family St. Cloud wrestle for control over the castle.

Will the evil curse ever be broken?  Or will a daughter’s thirst for revenge spiral out of control and destroy the people who love her most?

You’ll just need to read it for yourself to find out!

Three saucy decades.

Three FULL LENGTH novels.

Flash back to the not-so-innocent ’80s in, “Guardian Girl.”  Available now on Kindle, Nook, and via

Romp through the naughty ’90s and be present for the birth of the next generation of the Paulson College Sisterhood in, “Loaner Lovers.”

Enjoy a dungeon-side seat as two generations of the Paulson College Sisterhood fight for control of Staffordshire in, “Drop Dead Daughters.”

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is intended for mature readers.  It contains coarse language and frequent, graphic depictions of sexuality including m/f, f/f, group liaisons, and BDSM.  All sexual encounters portray adults 18-and-older.

Cover art courtesy Emily Salazar at  OR, catch Emily @Blueyedrican on Twitter.