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Book 1 - Guardian Girl - CopperPlate - Gradiant_Web_PostI confess.  I messed up.  I apologize to everyone who downloaded “Guardian Girl” during one of our free promotions or bought a copy.  My editor told me I was crazy for rushing it to the bookstore, but there were personal things going on behind the scenes that made me want to get it out there fast.

Well…  I goofed.  There were some edits that we missed and some parts of the Prologue that just didn’t make sense.

So I’ve just published the 3rd Edition of “Guardian Girl” including some re-writes to the Prologue and some additional little edits.  If you were one of those people who downloaded “Guardian Girl” previously, please visit the Kindle Store to update your copy and enjoy a fresh start!  AND…  Watch for our special FREE promotion of “Wild Wild Wives,” coming soon!

Sneak Peek! “Staffordshire” Book #5, “The Civilian.”

Book 5 - The Civilian - CopperPlate - No Gradiant_Web PostJust when you thought “The Chronicles of Staffordshire” couldn’t get any wilder, the next generation of the Paulson Sisterhood moves into the big house and turns everything PINK!  

Shyla, Mary and “The Billionaire Barbies” are all grown up, with kick-ass careers and philanthropic causes.  St. Cloud, Crosson, and St. Cloud is a whole new firm with the Shy One and wing-woman Mary on board.  But the new Mistress of Staffordshire feels the tick tock of a biological clock and she’s dropping hints to her best bitch that it’s time to start a family.

When Shyla falls in love with a “civilian” – a self-made man outside the safe bounds of The Society – all hell breaks loose.

How will Mary handle losing Shyla after so many years together?

How will Lena handle watching another St. Cloud ditch her best girl?

Will Shyla’s beau survive the infamous “Pink Lady” treatment?

Will his mind survive a trip through Pornoland?

And will they all survive a Mistress becoming – gasp! – a mommy?

Watch Twitter and this site for the announcement!  Final edits are underway NOW!

Staffordshire Series is (NOT) Complete! “Drop Dead Daughters” Available NOW!

Book 4 - Drop Dead Daughters - CopperPlate - Gradiant_Web_PostUPDATE:  Just when I thought I couldn’t write any more about Staffordshire, the Paulson Sisters trapped me in my basement, tied me to a chair, and attacked me with a dildo until I agreed to continue their story!  Keep your eyes open for “The Civilian,” Book #5 in “The Chronicles of Staffordshire!”

“Drop Dead Daughters” (Book 4 of 4) is AVAILABLE NOW!  If you’ve been keeping up with the story of Lena, Lenore, Rory, Jesse, and the raunch hands at Staffordshire, then you know that nobody is immune to tragedy.  I won’t spoil it, but the House of St. Cloud suffers a devastating loss in “Loaner Lovers” and Staffordshire will change forever.

“Drop Dead Daughters” picks up the story of the next generation of princesses, showing us what heartache feels like when mommies and daddies keep dirty little family secrets from their children.

Shyla throws a graduation party for the ages and The Mistress throws it right back.

The “Billionaire’s Barbies” move into Stilson Hall and they’ll burn out a wet

vac or two with their weekly games of SplashOpoly.

Guardian Girl-Final_WebWild Wild Wives 2 Blue Corset with Script_Scaled_Web

Shyla unveils her grandest revenge scheme yet but roomie Mary could pay dearly.

The elder Paulson sisters plot to show their dykey daughters the joy of cooking with Staffordshire’s handsome French Chef.   (Hmmm…  We really must have Manny check out the sauna.  The lock on the door seems to be malfunctioning again…)

When Shyla’s plot backfires, The Mistress is left to clean up the PR mess.  Mommy and Daddy O’Donnell will soon find out just how much of an “apology” they can handle.

Will The Mistress’s curse be broken?  Or is the St. Cloud clan doomed to live with the fallout of her youthful indiscretion for generations to come?

Loaner Lovers Teddy Risque_Web

And Shyla gets her comeuppance at the hand of The Mistress as she snoops around the castle, unwittingly embarking upon her “Post Graduate Studies.”  Be very careful, Shyla.  A stern disciplining awaits you in the dark recesses of your home!

You’ll just have to read it for yourself to find out!

Alas, all good things must come to an end and Staffordshire is no different.  “Drop Dead Daughter” is the end of our saga…

Or IS it?


With all my love…


“Loaner Lovers” (Book 3 of “The Chronicles of Staffordshire)

Loaner Lovers Teddy Risque_WebIt’s feeding time at Staffordshire.  The Mistress’s libido is positively famished!  She hasn’t corrupted anyone in months and her global circle of lovers just isn’t big enough for her glutenous appetite.

Ahhh, but the Mistress knows precisely who to defile!  The lanky neurosurgeon with her unrequited, college-years crush on The Master and the surgeon’s husband who fantasizes about bedding the Mistress.  Ah yes, they will do nicely!  After all, there’s nothing like a nice, intimate orgy between friends to strengthen one’s marriage, don’t you think?


Dangerous secrets abound among the inner circle at the estate.  Things have become so bad, the estate’s slutty Upstairs Maid/Therapist has called a weekend-long, emergency intervention.  It seems someone had an “oopsie” with The Mistress during dungeon playtime, one of the Paulson sisters has tried to steal The Master from his Mistress, and another servant has considered dispatching themselves from this life.

(Just remove the breakables from the room, Maricela.  You know how nasty things can get when The Mistress is crossed.)

Also in “Loaner Lovers”…

In the wake of a tragic passing, the Family St. Cloud will take a camping trip to the wilds of New York and learn the power of divine forgiveness.

The Mistress Mommy will share words of wisdom with her beautiful little girl, sweet little sobriquets that will come back to haunt everyone at the estate for a generation to come.

Yet another tragedy will befall the St. Cloud’s and a mystical near-death ride in the countryside will leave The Mistress wishing she had freshened the dungeon decor sooner.

The Mistress will scheme yet again, altering love’s natural course and brokering a premature union that will curse everyone at the estate.

And – as always – The Mistress’s Guardian Girl will bear the greatest burden of all, sheltering her lover’s messy secrets and picking up the pieces of her failed, duplicitous schemes.

Yes, the weird, wonderful world of Staffordshire lives on!

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“Wild, Wild Wives” (Book 2 of “The Chronicles of Staffordshire”)

Wild Wild Wives 2 Blue Corset with Script_Scaled_Web

The Paulson Princesses finally have their man! Lena, Lenore, and Rory are now a happy little ménage à trois, making love here, there, and everywhere as the urge strikes. The threesome has forged a blissfully depraved little family and nothing will ever tear the three lovers apart or strain their eternal bond.

Except, perhaps, for the “M” words. Mistress, Marriage, and Mommy.

It seems Rory doesn’t know that his future wife has a cracked brain and Lena can’t tell him about Lenore’s little problem without betraying her sister’s trust. The Guardian Girl has a few more top-secret dirty jobs to do before she can release Lenore to Sonia’s protective care and the sexual tar pit of Staffordshire’s dungeon.

Plus, Lena knows she can’t be a third wheel in Rory and Lenore’s bed forever. Once they marry, the Master and Mistress will want to start a family. It is only a matter of time before Lena must find her own way in life and love. The Wild Child needs a Prince of her own to sweep her off her feet. She needs a big, cuddly, soft-spoken Prince with a gift for the perfect cup of coffee and a HUGE crush on, “The most beautiful tennis player in the world.”

And as the estate prepares for the birth of the next generation of Paulson Sisters, a mysterious young woman will visit The Master and his Mistress and teach them the real meaning of the word, “Oneness.”

The saga of Staffordshire continues. The estate’s “Wild, Wild Wives” will continue their wicked, libido-exploding ways.

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“Guardian Girl”, Book 1 of “The Chronicles of Staffordshire”

Guardian Girl Cover Emily Salazar Option 1 Color Cuffs w Script

August 28, 1980.  It’s move-in day at Manhattan’s elite, women-only, Paulson College.  Nervous freshmen are settling in and meeting their new roommates for the first time.  Will she be a bookworm or a party girl?  A slob or a neat freak?  Will I like her?  Will she like me?

American tennis star Lena Sardi doesn’t care what her roommate is like as long as she’s normal.  Lena’s life has been practice, study, practice, play for as long as she can remember.  Lena just wants to have a little fun for a change!  She wants to kick back, meet a nice, no-drama roommate, and build a solid legal career to fall back on when her always-suspect forehand finally gives out.

Inside 1426 Stilson Hall, Spanish supermodel Lenore De La Fuente has moved in and rearranged the furniture.  Her bed is made.  Her desk is clutter-free. Her designer-made clothes are hung neatly in her closet.  She awaits the arrival of her mysterious new roommate, sitting quietly at her desk and dreaming of having just one girlfriend she can confide in, a girl she can share her hopes and secrets with and maybe even have a little fun with for a change.

The tantrum-throwing tennis pro and the OCD runway cat – with their paparazzi-magnet lives and all their tragic little secrets – will soon be knit for eternity.

And just up the Hudson…

The Prince of Madison Avenue is receiving a burdensome bequest.  He is the sole heir to his family’s fortune and he must take possession of the sprawling estate known as “Staffordshire.”  But deep within Staffordshire’s underbelly a nasty legacy lurks in the shadows.  His hands are tied.  For the man driven by idyllic dreams of love, dark family obligations will interfere.  The Prince must one day find and wed a woman with a predilection for the sublime joys of “discipline.”

Love is optional.

One day Paulson’s Princesses and Staffordshire’s Prince will collide.  Staffordshire will be reborn.  Love will bloom.  Discipline will endure.

Sorry, Lena.  Your dreams of “normal” are about to take a very muddy detour…

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is a love story.  It is a wonderful, weird, wicked love story about two college roommates, the men they fall in love with, and the offspring who live under the fallout of all their parents’ depraved choices and nasty family secrets.  It is romantic, and erotic, and full of emotion, at times funny, at times heart breaking, and at times graphically steamy.

Book 1, “Guardian Girl,” chronicles the college days of the Paulson Princesses and their handsome Prince, following them as the girls become kick-ass attorneys and their boy wrestles with his storybook ideas about love.

Book 2, “Wild, Wild Wives,” follows the love story of the new King and Queen of Staffordshire and the Queen’s anointing as the Mistress of the estate.  It dares to ask the question, “Is it really possible to swing and whip and still be a good mommy or daddy?”

Book 3, “Loaner Lovers” digs deep, following the lives of Staffordshire’s servants and royalty as they grapple with tragic passings at the estate.

Book 4, “Drop Dead Daughters” follows the next generation of Paulson Princesses and a wicked stepdaughter’s struggle to wrest control of Staffordshire from her loving stepmother.

Four full-length novels.  More than thirty years of love stories culminating in a dungeon-bound battle royal between the generations.

These are “The Chronicles of Staffordshire.”

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is intended for mature readers only.  This trilogy contains coarse language and frequent depictions of human sexuality including BDSM, m/f, f/f, and group liaisons.

Cover art courtesy Emily Salazar at www.emilysalazar.com.  OR, catch her @Blueyedrican on Twitter.

“Guardian Girl,” Book 1 of “The Chronicles of Staffordshire”

Guardian Girl

Put on your favorite jammies.

Snuggle up and get cozy for a good read.

N.C. Simmons has a rich trilogy for you.  An adult trilogy.

These, are “The Chronicles of Staffordshire,” three full-length novels spiced with life, and love, and liaisons.  It is a love story about two fated college roommates, their handsome, adoring Princes, and the tragic fallout of too many secrets held too close to the heart.

“Guardian Girl,” introduces us to our beautiful, overachieving Princesses.  The tennis pro and the supermodel are fated roommates at Manhattan’s elite, all-women, Paulson College.  These brilliant, independently-wealthy girls plan to become attorneys.  But much more than studying takes place inside 1426 Stilson Hall and love will bind them for life.

Loaner Lovers Cover Emily Salazar Option 2 Nude with Script

Drop Dead Daughters Cover Emily Salazar Option 7 Jeans Front

One day, by the hand of fate, the Paulson Princesses will meet the Prince of Madison Avenue, heir to an immense fortune and the magical kingdom of Staffordshire.  It is an estate riddled with secrets and hidden chambers and a legacy the Prince would rather deny.  A  complicated menage a trois will bloom between the Prince and his two Princesses.  A new King and Queen of Staffordshire will one day be crowned.

A depraved family legacy will live on.

And one of the Paulson Princesses will get stuck with tending her sister’s sanity.

In “Loaner Lovers,” a Mistress is crowned to discipline Staffordshire’s glutenous appetites for indiscreet pleasures.  Soon, the next generation of Paulson Sisters will be born at the estate and life at Staffordshire will never be the same.  Juggling the estate’s secret proclivities will become a little more complicated with toddlers and teens roaming the halls.  The Mistress will become a mother and will struggle to find balance.

As tragedy befall the estate, an evil curse will bedevil the daughter of the King.  Her innocent heart will be poisoned by a well-intended lie, leaving her destined to rain heartbreak upon the entire kingdom.

In “Drop Dead Daughters,” the young Princesses of Staffordshire head off to their mothers’ alma mater.  The Paulson Sisterhood will live one.  The stage will be set for a battle royal between the good Queen of Staffordshire and her evil stepdaughter, the young Princess.  The dungeon of Staffordshire will get quite a workout as two generations of the Family St. Cloud wrestle for control over the castle.

Will the evil curse ever be broken?  Or will a daughter’s thirst for revenge spiral out of control and destroy the people who love her most?

You’ll just need to read it for yourself to find out!

Three saucy decades.

Three FULL LENGTH novels.

Flash back to the not-so-innocent ’80s in, “Guardian Girl.”  Available now on Kindle, Nook, and via Smashwords.com.

Romp through the naughty ’90s and be present for the birth of the next generation of the Paulson College Sisterhood in, “Loaner Lovers.”

Enjoy a dungeon-side seat as two generations of the Paulson College Sisterhood fight for control of Staffordshire in, “Drop Dead Daughters.”

“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is intended for mature readers.  It contains coarse language and frequent, graphic depictions of sexuality including m/f, f/f, group liaisons, and BDSM.  All sexual encounters portray adults 18-and-older.

Cover art courtesy Emily Salazar at www.emilysalazar.com.  OR, catch Emily @Blueyedrican on Twitter.