Hitting [it on] the Treadmill

(WARNING: No profanity, but explicit. True story.)

Ever since college, I try to wake up by 5:30am and do a quick, 3 or more mile run. If it’s too cold outside, I run on the treadmill instead. I don’t really mind running on the treadmill because I get to wear what I would wear if I knew nobody was watching and/or I wouldn’t get arrested. Sometimes, if nobody is home, or if it’s just hubby and me and I feel particularly horny, I like to run in the nude except for sneakers and a sports bra.  (Okay, I admit, I really like being a nudist at home anyway, so it’s not really that big a stretch, I suppose.)  Anyway, I like to feel super-sexy when I run, like I still have my pre-baby body from back in the 80’s, so I wear the skimpiest, closest-to-porno clothes I can find.  Before post-baby-body took over – you know what I’m talking about, you’re still fit and lean, but you never quite get rid of that poochy – boys at my college always gawked as I flew by in my tiniest, cheekiest, baby blue dolphin shorts.

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Danger Mouse

Dead_Mouse“God damn this piece of shit!”  

I slammed yet another crappy, corded mouse against my desktop, cracking the case.

“This is the second one that’s died on me this month!  Where’s Ted?!  Where is that idiot IT boy Ted?!”

Groaning loudly, my luscious assistant Nina popped out of her cube and peeked her head around my door.  Twenty-six years old and 5’4″ of spicy, curvy, Double-D Latina in a navy skirt, white blouse, and 5″ pumps.  My God, she gets me wet!

“I don’t know where Ted is, my liege.  I’ll page him.”

I unplugged the mouse and held it aloft by the cable. “When Ted gets here, you tell him that this ancient piece of shit is going in the trash.  And if he wants it, he can just dig it out himself.  And you can tell him its time to start spending a little more money on the hardware.  If I find out he bought this piece of shit from his shady cousin again I’m going to castrate him!”

“I’ll let him know, Vampira.  In the mean time, do you want to just use mine instead?”

I popped the laptop from its dock and prepared to depart for wider vistas.  When I’m on deadline, my office feels like the walls are collapsing in on me.

“NO, goddammit!  I mean…”  I mellowed slightly, realizing that Nina was not the source of my frustration.  “No…  I’m going down to the conference room and work in there.  I need some space and a whiteboard.  But if Ted gets here soon, page me!  I want to have a chat with that boy.”

“Your wish is my command, Your Supreme Bitchiness.”

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“The Heavy Bag” | Erotic Short Story | (G/G)

Girls are Different

I’ll never forget tonight.  Every, “Oh my God, what the hell am I doing?” moment is looping in my mind and it’s making me wetter by the second.

I was so nervous I wanted to throw up.  I was about to do something so totally out of character, I just knew I was going to get caught.  I knew my husband was going to come home early and catch me doing something so wicked, so dirty…

CroppedGirlHeavyBagI knew my marriage would be over.

But I couldn’t stop myself!  I got seduced and I couldn’t stop myself!

I’ve never told my husband this, or my girlfriends this or…  Or…  Or anyone.

I really like girls.

I really love my husband.  And I really love the way it feels when he fills me and I feel like we’re one body all mingled together.

But you know that feeling when you see a really sexy woman and you can’t stop thinking about her and it turns into this fantasy where you imagine the two of you showering after working out at the gym and then one thing leads to another and the next thing you know you’re sitting in the bathroom at work masturbating about a fantasy that you pray never, ever comes true?

Yeah.  I have a real problem.

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